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Necromancer Skills
PrimaryBoneSpikes?, Siphon Blood?, Grim Scythe?
SecondaryDeath Nova?, Bone Spear?, Skeletal Mage?
Blood and BoneBone Armor?, Bone Spirit?, Blood Rush?, Simulacrum?
ReanimationLand of the Dead?, Command Skeletons?, Command Golem?, Army of the Dead?
CursesDecrepify?, Frailty?, Leech?
CorpsesCorpse Explosion?, Corpse Lance?, Devour?, Revive?
Passive SkillsFueled by Death?, Life from Death?, Stand Alone?, Bone Prison?, Commander of the Risen Dead?, Swift Harvesting?, Extended Servitude?, Rigor Mortis?, Overwhelming Essence?, Dark Reaping?, Exploit Weakness?, Eternal Torment?, Final Service?, Grisly Tribute?, Draw Life?, Serration?, Aberrant Animator?, Blood for Blood?, Blood is Power?, Rathma's Shield?