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"Boudai" wiki first guide

Last-modified: 2019-11-11 (月) 10:38:32
  • This wiki is created on the premise of Japanese.


In creating an article Edit

When creating a new name, use the official name as much as possible.
Don't do anything to copy from a sentence or official page that will definitely lower your reputation.
Check if the content is correct when the article is complete. However, the accuracy of the article cannot be guaranteed.

About copyright Edit

Copyrights and trademarks may be used as long as they do not reduce reputation and are not for commercial purposes.
But don't forget your gratitude.
By the way, you can attach an image with…




How to become an editer Edit

The editors here can be found in the editor list.
Even if you don't have a fixed handle name or you are not an editor, you can organize and flesh out. Don't buy a nger with a few mistakes.
Don't be mishievous! Also, don't masquerade because it will be bald by the manager.

About display Edit

I think there are many peple coming from iPhones. In that case, mobile display is the default, but it is recommended to use PC display as much as possible. This is because the mobile display is problems. If you are used to mobile display, you don't have to change it.

Finally Edit

Follow your manners when commenting. There are people who vomit rants, but let's go through as much as possible.
By the way, editors cannot use English well. All pages are written in Japanese, so you may want to learn Japanese when you enjoy is here. However, you don't have to learn.

Comment Edit

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  • 日本語わからない人用だろ。 -- Hyo晶海月;-) 2019-11-11 (月) 09:54:28
  • そもそも外国人このwiki見んのか? -- デンガー 2019-11-11 (月) 10:38:32

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