Class/Illusionist の変更点

*説明 [#ec3afae8]
Illusionists are masters of deception and misdirection. Through their arcane study of light, sound and the senses, they have perfected a magic that is designed to confound sight, hearing, smell, taste and even touch. The Crystal Palace of an Illusionist is a place where mirrored walls cast reflection upon reflection upon reflection in an infinite maze of illusion that leaves the unprepared visitor dazzled and disoriented. In an Illusionist’s domain, the border between the real and the unreal is crossed as casually as a peasant crosses his field. One never knows whether the things he sees are real or simply figments of his own (or someone else’s) imagination. The conjurations of an Illusionist are fragile, instantly dispelled when confronted with hard reality. Yet despite their ephemeral nature, they have a very real power to affect living things. That which is seen and believed will have a physical effect upon those who do not realize they are dealing with the unreal and illusionary blades will inflict real, bleeding wounds on their bodies.

Illusionists can use the power of magical gems to store both their spells and illusions in specially constructed mirrors, which will then release the stored contents in battle. Many a warlord has laughed derisively at a small opposing force whose vain commander brings large, fragile mirrors to the field of battle. Most of those warlords have then had to watch in frustration and disbelief as their own ordered ranks turn into a chaotic, snarled mess, their soldiers distracted and confused by bright lights, frightened by visions only they can see and cut down and trampled into the ground by soldiers and fantastical monsters that marched forth from the enchanted mirrors. Those facing an Illusionist are advised to underestimate him at their own peril.

*アビリティ [#r2fd4f5e]
*Special Power(特殊能力) [#ib69cc31]
***習得、昇格 [#p4a3f5f7]
|Lesser Ritual of Mastery|宝石10|なし|Level1の儀式を習得する|
|Ritual of Mastery|宝石30|なし|Level2の儀式を習得する|
|Ritual of Grand Mastery|宝石240|なし|Level3の儀式を習得する|
|Ritual of Grand Mastery|宝石180|なし|Level3の儀式を習得する|
***Lv1 [#h3721ac1]
|Floating Eye|宝石5 AP1|なし|ランダムに動き回る偵察ユニットFloating Eyeを召喚する|
|Capture Images|宝石10 Empty Mirror1 AP1|なし|Empty Mirrorにランダムに選ばれた生物(Animals、Soldiersのいずれか)の像を取り込む。像を取り込んだMirrorはチャージが切れるまで戦闘時に生物の幻影を召喚する様になる|
|Capture Spell|宝石5 Empty Mirror1 AP1|なし|Empty Mirrorにランダムに選ばれたIllusiniosmの呪文(Dread、Confusion、Many Colorsのいずれか)を取り込む。呪文を取り込んだMirrorはチャージが切れるまで戦闘時に呪文のコピーを放つ様になる|
***Lv2 [#s9e5dcab]
|Scrying|宝石2 Empty Mirror1 AP1|なし|任意の地点とその周辺の計9ヘックスの様子を覗き見る|
|Mirror Walk|宝石5 Empty Mirror1 AP1|なし|世界のどこかに存在するEmpty Mirrorの元に瞬間移動する。移動元と移動先にそれぞれEmpty Mirrorが必要|
|Summon Phase Beast|宝石25 AP1|なし|VoidからDisplacer BeastかPhase Spiderを召喚する|
***Lv3 [#w7b73144]
*解説 [#vf0e5643]

***その他、Tips、使用感コメント等 [#s3852dde]