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 *定義 [#qa30e929]
 Tychonoff空間Xの任意の開被覆Uに対し、Xのstar finiteな開被覆の可算列V_iがあって、∪V_iがUの細分を含んでいる。
 *Definition [#qa30e929]
 A Tychonoff space X is said to be completely paracompact if for every open cover U of X, there exists a sequence V_i of [[star-finite]] open covers whose union containes a refinement of U.
 *出典 [#q190c88e]
 *Reference [#q190c88e]
 K.P.Hart, J. Nagata and J.E. Vaughan, ''Encyclopedia of general topology'', Elsevier Science.