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Guardian's Foresight

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名称 Edit

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効果 Edit

Set Helm 
+21–30 Resistance to All Elements
1.0–4.0% Chance to Fear on Hit
+3 Random Magic Properties
Item Level: 56
Required Level: 55
Guardian's Contingency
 Guardian's Deflector
 Guardian's Foresight
 Guardian's Sheath
(2) Set:
+110 Vitality
Regenerates 130 Life per Second
Fashioned after the helmet of the notorious Guardian,
which was made to protect his mind from those that would try to subvert it.

解説・用途 Edit

必要素材 Edit

素材Plan IlvlGold鍛冶Lv
Wishful Essence.png×39Encrusted Hoof.png×11Tome of Blacksmithing.png×2567,1308

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