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Uliana's Spirit

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名称 Uliana's Spirit Edit

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効果 Edit

Set Helm     Head

+626–750 Dexterity

+4 Random Magic Properties
 Empty Socket

Uliana's Stratagem
 Uliana's Burden
 Uliana's Destiny
 Uliana's Fury
 Uliana's Heart
 Uliana's Spirit
 Uliana's Strength
 Uliana's Stratagem
(2) Set:
    Every third hit of your Spirit Generators applies Exploding Palm.
(4) Set:
    Your Seven-Sided Strike deals its total damage with each hit.
(6) Set:
   Your Seven-Sided Strike detonates your Exploding Palm.
 “Uliana was the first to venture out amongst the laymen while retaining her status-for
in those days, monks were forbidden to leave the monasteries,
with their forms being used solely to commune with the gods.”
-Poldamyr's Histories of the Veradani

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