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The Khanid Kingdom


The Khanid Kingdom stretches over some dozen systems near the fringe of the Amarr Empire. The kingdom was founded some 300 years ago and is in every respect a sovereign state, even if the connections with the Amarr Empire itself are strong. It is still ruled by the man who founded the kingdom and whose name it bears - Khanid II, often called the Sixth Heir. Once one of the Five Heirs he defied the Amarrian succession rituals and split himself and his estates from the empire. The reasons were his fierce ambition and love of life, traits that later helped keep his kingdom intact through numerous upheavals. At the time of the succession Khanid was commander-in-chief of the military forces of the empire. After having refused to commit suicide he promptly confiscated one of the two Titans the Amarrians owned at the time, both of them personal property of the Emperor himself. Khanid escaped to his estates on the Titan, escorted by a portion of the Amarr fleet, claimed by Khanid by the power of his position.


Khanid Kingdom は Amarr Empire の外縁に近い数十以上の星系に広がっています。
この王国は約300年前に作られ、たとえ Amarr Empire との関係が強いとしても、あらゆる面で主権国家です。
この国は今も王国を作った本人によって統治されています、名は Khanid II といい、しばしば第6の継承権者と呼ばれます。
かつて、5人の継承権者の1人だった彼は、Amarrian 継承儀式に反抗し、彼と彼の領域を帝国から分離させました。
継承の時点において、Khanid は帝国の軍隊の司令官でした。
自殺を拒否したあと、その時に帝国が所持していた2隻の Titan のうちの1隻(2隻は共に皇帝の個人資産でしたが)を没収しました。
彼は、Khanid の地位の力によって奪った Amarr 艦隊の一部に護衛された Titan で彼の領域へ逃げました。


For the first few years following the split the newly-founded kingdom faced grave dangers time and again. The greatest threat did not come directly from the Amarr Empire itself - the new emperor and heirs were still getting themselves acquainted to their new positions - but from the brother of Khanid II. This brother, named Dakos, was in the forefront of those relatives of Khanid that opposed his actions and wished to remain as one of the Heir families. Soon after Khanid was crowned as king Dakos rebelled against him and the infant kingdom witnessed its first civil war. The struggle raged for a few months, in that time the Amarr Empire had joined the fray, naturally casting their support for Dakos. For some weeks the survival of the Khanid kingdom hung in the balance, but when Khanid managed through trickery to have his brother assassinated, the opposition fizzled to nothing. Khanid lost some of the isolated regions of the kingdom, but the core of it remained intact.


最大の危機は、Amarr Empire (新しい皇帝と継承権者たちは、彼らの地位を熟知する途中でした)から起きたものではなく、Khanid II の兄弟から起きました。
この Dakos という名の兄弟は、Khanid 一族の最上位にあり、彼の行いを邪魔して継承権家の1つとして残る事を望みました。
Khanid が王として戴冠したすぐ後、Dakos は彼に反逆し、幼い王国は最初の内戦に見舞われました。
この戦いは数ヶ月間猛威をふるい、この時 Amarr Empire はこの騒乱に当然 Dakos の支持者として参加しました。
数週間、Khanid 王国の残存は予断を許さない状況でした、しかし Khanid が何とか騙して彼の兄弟の暗殺に成功すると、反対派は消えうせました。
Khanid は、王国のいくつかの隔離された地域を失いましたが中心部は無傷のまま残りました。


This was not the first time that Khanid’s own family acted against him. Khanid has always managed to smother all rebellion attempts, each time tightening the leash on his family. Today all women and children belonging to the family spend their time in the royal palace on Khanid Prime. Although they live in luxury and comfort they’re still hostages, kept to keep their husbands and fathers in line. As for the men they must spend at least quarter of each year in the royal palace on Khanid Prime and there are strict restrictions as to what arms they can own or bear.


これは、Khanid の一族が彼に対して起こした最初の行動ではありませんでした。
Khanid は、毎回彼の一族の紐を引き締めて、常に反逆の試みを握りつぶす事に成功しました。
今日、一族に属している全ての女性と子供は Khanid Prime の王宮で暮らしています。
男性に関しては、年の少なくとも4分の1を、武器の所持もしくは携行に厳しい規制のある Khanid Prime の王宮で過ごさなくてはなりません。


The Khanid Kingdom in many ways resembles the Amarr Empire. The caste system is intact - the Holders still reign as the social elite. The governmental structure and administration are all but identical, the only difference being the lack of checks-and-balances that many entrenched institutions and local barons exercise within the empire. Just as for the Amarr Emperor Khanid II is in name undisputed ruler of his realm, but in practice a number of powerful magnates share or dilute the power. In the empire’s case it’s the Heirs that compete with the Emperor for power, in the kingdom’s case it’s the members of the minor families that supported Khanid during his rift with the empire. Other features, such as the importance of religion and slavery, are also very much alike in the two states. In fact, the kingdom takes slavery even further than the empire. The Amarr Empire uses almost exclusively Minmatar and Ealur slaves, but the kingdom, denied many of their traditional slave sources, take slaves wherever they can find them. Khanid himself has a Gallentean - a former pop-star - as his personal slave, something he finds highly amusing but makes the Gallenteans frothing at their mouths.


Khanid 王国は、様々な点で Amarr Empire と似ています。
Amarr 皇帝と同じく Khanid II は名目上は彼の領域を治める明白な統治者ですが、実際は多くの力のある大物が権力を分け合い薄められています。
帝国の場合は皇帝の権力に匹敵する継承権者達がそれにあたります、王国においては帝国からの分裂の間に Khanid を支援した小さな家族のメンバーがあたります。
Amarr Empire は Minmatar か Ealur の奴隷だけを独占的に使います、しかし彼らの多くの伝統的な奴隷源泉を否定した王国は、彼らが見つけたどんな奴隷でも使います。
Khanid 自身は彼の個人的な奴隷として元ポップスターである Gallentean を持っています、彼は非常な楽しみを見つけましたが、Gallenteans は口に泡を作ります。


But even if Khanid has tried to build his kingdom to mirror the empire he once belonged to, there are many discreet differences. The biggest of these are the way the Dark Amarrians - so called for the color schemes on their ships - conduct their trade and business. The Khanid Kingdom is not nearly as rigid and stale in their governing of inter-stellar trade, for the very simple reason that the kingdom absolutely needs outside trade to survive, which is not the case for the empire. Since the Amarr Empire seized their attempts to reconcile with the separatists decades ago trade has started to flourish between the two. The result is that today the kingdom acts in many ways like a window to the outside world for the reclusive empire. Trade goods that can’t be directly transported into or out of the empire are carried through kingdom because of the much more lenient trade policies the empire has for them. Many Dark Amarrians have grown fat acting as intermediaries for Amarr traders and outsiders.


しかし、たとえ Khanid が王国を、かつて自らが属していた帝国の写しとして作ろうとしたとしても、多くの周到な違いがあります。
それらで最も大きなものは、Dark Amarrians(彼らの船の彩色設定からそう呼ばれる)の彼らの取引や商売のやりかたです。
Khanid Kingdom は彼らが生き残るために外との取引が必要だったという単純な理由により、彼らの星間取引の管理において、帝国がそうであるような堅さや腐敗がありません。
Amarr Empire が分離主義者を取り戻す試みを引き下げた数十年前から、ふたつの間の取引は栄え始めました。
多くの Dark Amarrians は、Amarr 商人と外部商人との仲介役によって太りました。


Many other notable differences can be seen between the kingdom and the empire - the Dark Amarrians embrace technology, including cloning, much more willingly than the Amarr brethrens and even if most Amarrian traditions and customs still exist within the kingdom, they’ve been modified so that Dark Amarrian society is much more dynamic and robust than that of the Amarr Empire.


ほかに多くの注目すべき違いが王国と帝国の間には見られます、Dark Amarrians は Amarr 兄弟と比べて非常に喜んでテクノロジー(クローン技術を含めて)を受け入れます、そして、まだほとんどの Amarrian 伝統と慣習が王国の中に残っていてもそれらは修正されており、Dark Amarrian 社会は Amarr Empire のものより活動的で頑強です。