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Mission/Lv4/Duo of Death (Guristas Pirates)

Last-modified: 2012-08-28 (火) 22:43:12

Faction: Guristas Pirates
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
ダメージタイプ: Kin, therm, (some exp and EM from the sentries)
弱点: Kinetic (thermal)

Single pocket:

2x Pith usurpers (Battleships)
2x Spider drones II (Orbit range: 7,5km. 100% chance of web. 5% chance of scramble)
3x Gurista Cruise Missile Launchers

Blitz:Battleshipx2撃破でDropするSpecial Delivery回収で終了。
Power Generator 以外の建築物からランダムで T1 ammo か Tread goods.

38 Veldspar Asteroid