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Ver.1.0.0(2016年02月23日更新) Edit

A handful of optimizations for ambassadors and a few gnome behaviors
Debug mode for mod makers to test mod changes. DebugMode can be set in settings.ini to enable a Debug option in the right click menu. Provides a way to spawn items and characters. This is meant for testing and allows you to create things that might have unintended behaviors.
Added Remove Items option to Debug mode
Spawn Liquid and Remove Liquid options added to Debug mode
The item being stocked for stock jobs is now viewable when looking at the stock job UI
Added ability to suspend/resume jobs. Groups of jobs can be selected at once (suspend building walls in an area to prioritize another area, etc). Suspending/resuming over a designation or workshop will apply to the designation or workshop directly instead of individual job
Workshop floors are now red when suspended
Farms, groves, pastures and stockpiles now are visibly red when suspended
Added more descriptive status text for gnomes. It will now show eating, drinking, sleeping, training, guarding or patrolling where previously it had "idle"
Made some adjustments to pop up menus in the right click menu
Added item being stocked to clean floor job UI
Clicking Fast Forward doubles the time scale. Clicking Play resets back to 1. MaxTimeScale can be defined in settings.ini. Minimum is 2, maximum is 256 and default is 4.
Clicking Fast Forward while paused will now unpause instead of unpausing and also doubling speed
Pause button now toggles pause instead of only pausing
Added ability to rehide terrain
Added a Move To Top button for the job queue at workshops
Changed Remove Designation to remove the selected area instead of the entire designation
Changed mod selection UI to select multiple mods
Mod Development

storage.xml merges AllowedItems for each StorageID when merging multiple mods. This makes it so multiple mods, all with new items, can all be stocked into Crates, etc
Hooked up RequiredSkill property in workshop recipes. Higher values can be set and gnomes won't be able to craft the item until they reach the skill level. Similarly, RequiredSkillLevel was added to jobsettings.xml for other jobs
Merge squad lists of Factions that share an ID when loading included mods
Added ResearchID field to blueprints and workshops
Added option for byproducts in workshop crafting recipes
A MaterialIndex greater than the number of components defaults to the last component instead of first
Changed default SpriteID to be optional and render nothing by default
Added research.xml to define independent research tracks
For each research ID set an associated skill used for progressing research, as well as difficulty settings for how quickly/slowly research is progressed
When generating an item with a random material, it will prioritize items in CoreItemIDToMaterialIDs over the same ItemID in workshop recipes

Crash when a gnome dies while hauling
Constructions doubling up when saving and loading without exiting for jobs defined in jobsettings.xml in included mods
Crash when deconstructing handcrank
Camera movement from new events now cancels job placement instead of selecting a giant area
More fixes for flooding
Potential max amount of liquid in a cell being miscalculated
Crash if automaton was added as a settler
Metal Depth and Metal Amount settings not working properly
Crash with included mods that used terrainsettings.xml missing MaterialIDsToStairsIDs, MaterialIDsToRampIDs or MaterialIDsToEmbeddedSprites. Included mods can now safely omit them
Windmill SFX continuing to play after deconstructing
Use a default TerrainSprite if none is defined. (Crash fix)
Fixed build construction UI being too short
Fixed Storage Containers total UI in the Stock Overview menu being too short. The value now also doesn't include resource piles (dirt, stone, straw, etc)
Action bar not properly updating when resizing resolution
Crash spawning spiders
Inclines and stairs not properly using SpriteIDByMaterialID as well as not tinting beyond the first component
Typo in charactersettings.xml for LeatherBracer
Mining stairs up into a wall that has coal/ore/gem causing the top of the stairs to disappear
Crash when crafting
Crash removing patrol routes
Piles not using the associated SpriteID. Updated the SpriteID for ResourcePile in items.xml to use RawStone or RawSoil SpriteIDs now that this is fixed
Fixed building walls and constructions that block movement not properly displacing liquids
Fixed liquids evaporating when on top of the same liquid. This means that full lakes will flood a little in the rain. Rain will also now be able to fill up deeper holes.
Fixed some settings in Included Mods with vanilla base files continuously adding with repeated saving/loading without restarting
Rare crash when loading a game
Designations not being removed properly resulting in a crash or odd behavior
Crash resulting from loading old saves that have had updated mods with new research tracks since the last save
Door sprites not tinting properly with component materials
Crash selecting an animal in the Pasture UI that requires a food source that hasn't existed yet in the current game (ie requiring straw and starting a new game without straw)
Crash rendering cross framed soil walls when lowered
Tables and chairs appearing like stone with some types of wood
Squad members idling most of the time
Some values in mod files parsing incorrectly from OS culture setting
MaterialIndex for construction sprite not working correctly. It now uses the correct component's material when tinting
Typo in body.xml for spiders that caused a crash in combat

Ver.0.9.18(2015年10月01日更新) Edit

•Occasional crash when refilling ammo
Whew! Huge patch. Lots of working late nights and weekends went into this patch. There are lots of changes and I'm expecting some bugs. This RC is the first iteration of mod support. This patch exposes some existing game data files as well as some stuff in code has now been moved into data files.

This first patch includes items, workshops, constructions, sprites and some parts of the game associated with those. Right now it's still missing items used with merchants, tributes/insults and military perks. Aside from those you should be able to more or less start from scratch with the production tree of workshops and items as well as constructions and visuals. Some names used in the files are a bit outdated and might get updated. Some parts, I just quickly dumped into XML and I might end up reorganizing it as well. We'll start with this and make changes along the way.

To make a mod, copy the "Mod Files" folder into the "Mods" folder and rename it to something. There is a ModFolder setting in the settings.ini that we'll use until I add in UI for picking a mod. Any files not present in the ModFolder will just load the base version. I've added descriptions in the comments at the top of every file for how to edit and add to the files. We can start filling out the wiki with this info and add more as needed. Right now you have to start a new game for a new mod and the associated mod will be used when loading saves.

In addition to exposing more game files and UI for selecting mods, I need to add in better error checking as well as log errors when loading mods.
•Occasional crash when trying to dig stairs down
•Crash cutting clippings on an orange tree
•Crash rendering block stone floors and walls
•Crash when using stock menu settings and/or right click menu settings in a mod
•Crash when rendering market stall from a specific orientation
•Added materials.xml to mod files. More detailed info is in the file in comments
•Added material settings for generating terrain to terrainsettings.xml
•Added some options for generating trees, plants, gems and ore during map generation
•Added material for where grass grows to grasssettings.xml
•Added material for fuel for automatons in automatonsettings.xml
•Added materials and weights for generating items out of prospector to prospectorsettings.xml
•Added material options to prioritize material for choosing artificial limbs in itemsettings.xml
•Added materials to goblinsettings.xml for determining insults to goblin factions
•Renamed some tags in XML related to materials
•Not reading in materials.xml as well as some recent XML additions in RC8
•Crash rendering torches while being held in the left hand
•Crash when raining
•Crash rendering Block Stone Floor or Wall when using modded sprites.xml. It was using an ID that differed from references elsewhere.
•Crash when trying to build a ramp up or down
•Continuously restocking item piles (dirt, stone, etc)
•Crash smelting worn items. It was trying to generate an undefined item
•Old saves not properly updating no material to new ID. Was causing crashes with workshop jobs that had components set to Any material as well as other places
•Damage from Lava now properly uses LavaMaterialID setting in TerrainSettings
•Crash viewing scaffolding or tiles in the air (ie build floor job)
•Repairing automatons looking at the mechanics healing item instead of patients, ie when a gnome was attempting to repair an automaton it was looking for bronze bandages to repair a bronze automaton
•Crash spawning enemies that rolled to have a piece of armor missing
•Crash rendering stone pillars
•Crash splintering ribs and puncturing internal organs
•Crash viewing Engineer shop
•Creating a stockpile over existing piles of items (dirt, etc) not using those piles to stock into
•Stocking single stacks items that can pile into all stockpiles. (Fixes stocking 1 dirt into every cell of a stockpile that doesn't have dirt allowed)
•Axles are manually rotatable
•Crash rendering axles or job sprite for placing axles
•Crash with comments in betweenConstructionIDToWorkshopID XML tags
•Generating workshop jobs and new items. Added entry to workshopsettings.xml for seeding items with potential materials
•Rounding error with item value that caused it to have an inflated value
•Crash using CoreItemIDsToMaterialIDs in mod files
•Missing entries in CoreItemIDsToMaterialIDs
•Rotated axles not properly making connections on its opposite end when placed
•Value of Metal Slivers being half of what they should be
•Rare crash destroying a storage container with contents
•Crafting an item in the workshop's recipe list that comes after an undiscovered recipe caused the wrong item to queue
•Added newgamesettings.xml. Defines items when starting a new game
•Typo with the second frame of the axle animation. Was causing a crash when rendering
•Added InsultAmount to goblinsettings.xml for sending insults. Defines which items can be sent and the severity.
•Added plant.xml and plantsettings.xml
•Crash when a wheat or metal golem dies
•Missing GrassMaterialID from grasssettings.xml
•Missing MudMaterialID from terrainsettings.xml
•SilicaMaterialID in prospectorsettings.xml not being used properly
•Sending tributes and trades not working with new items from mods
•Updated the outdated Pine material ID and sprite IDs
•Added liquid.xml and liquidsettings.xml
•Added storage.xml
•Added ammo.xml
•Added mechanism.xml and mechanismsettings.xml
•Added BuildMechanisms to jobsettings.xml
•Added trap.xml
•Added blueprint.xml
•Updated GrassMaterialID documentation in grasssettings.xml
•Renamed AmmoType and AmmoID in some XML files to avoid confusion
•Added StateSprites for On and Off for PressurePlate in construction.xml
•Crash rendering newly crafted automatons.
•Crash having a Torch in a uniform
•Crash rendering Thatch inclines
•Added language.xml, word.xml, name.xml and namerules.xml for generating text
•Ammo pouches and quivers not stocking
•Automatons trying to heal gnomes with armor plates
•Crash rebuilding automatons
•Added skills.xml
•Added professionmenusettings.xml for defining the checkboxes in the profession UI
•Added LaborSkills, CombatSkills, DefaultAllowedSkills and DodgeSkill to charactersettings.xml
•Added DefaultJobSkillID to JobSettings
•Added SkillID, SkillIncreaseScale and IncreaseAdditionalSkill to JobSetting
•Added Profession, Settler and FarmAnimal to NewGameSettings
•Added DefaultWeapon to ItemSettings
•DefaultJobSkill not working properly. This solves a lot of issues like training grounds not working, etc
•Crash building mechanisms
•Crash smelting items
•Added race.xml to define races, can modify starting skills, visuals rest, food and drink rates and more
•Added faction.xml. Modify spawns, merchant trade goods, gnomads
•Added race options to newgamesettings.xml to allow for custom difficulties with modded races
•Added ZombieRaceID to charactersettings.xml to set the race used when raising from the dead
•Added body.xml and bodypart.xml. Defines visuals, farmed items off livestock, items from butchering and primarily parameters used in combat
•Renamed BodyType to BodyID in race.xml
•Renamed ItemIDToArtificialLimbBodyPart to ItemIDToArtificialLimbBodyPartID and BodyPartToItemID to BodyPartIDToItemID in itemsettings.xml
•RestrictedMaterial setting for workshop recipes
•Added weight, minimum skill level and damage scale to attack moves
•Started logging errors when read mod files into a text file in the mod folder
•Disallow Goblin Tunnelers setting wasn't saving properly
•Mod selection to advanced new game settings
•settings.ini file to mod folder to set name and description for mod
•More error checking when parsing mod files
•Hatches being walkable immediately after building and disappearing when powered
•Fixed Trees ignoring MaterialIndex in plant.xml
•Training Grounds, Guard Station and Patrol Route not working. If this bug was affecting you, you'll need to reimport professions after updating to RC33. An export and immediate import will work too.
•Added Steam Workshop integration
There isn't a way to tie the Workshop to just the indev branch, so until mod support hits the default branch you'll have to join a group to get access to the Gnomoria workshop.

Once mod support is default, I'll make the workshop public for everyone and the group won't be needed anymore.

To create a Workshop item, create a new folder in the Steam Workshop directory in Gnomoria's install directory.
In that folder, create another folder named "Mod Files" and copy your mod into that.
Also in that folder, add an image for the Workshop named preview.png. You can add additional images through the Workshop options in the Steam client or a browser.
Launch Gnomoria and choose the Steam Workshop menu option. Select the folder where your mod is located.
Enter a name and description which will appear in the Workshop when looking for mods. You can edit these later here or through the web based Workshop interface.
You may or may not need to accept a legal agreement before the Workshop item will show up.

To install a mod just subscribe to it through the Workshop interface. Steam will download it in the background and it will show up in your mod list when starting a new game.
•Crash clicking Create in the Steam Workshop menu with no mod selected
•Crash opening the Advanced Setup menu with the Mods folder missing
•Downloaded Steam Workshop mods not loading properly
•Crash when beetle cocoons hatch
•Added a method for merging multiple mods together
•Added a method for defining sprites from multiple separate files
•Crash when viewing a gnome when body.xml is present in current mod
To include additional mods add a folder next to the Data and Sprites folder in your mod called "Included Mods" without the quotes. Copy the entire mod folder you wish to include in the Included Mods folder. Included mods are nested and mods can include mods that include mods, etc. In the Included Mods folder, create a file and name it modmergeorder.ini. In this file add the name of each mod you wish to include in the order you want them to be added in.

Most things just add together based on the mod order. Some settings are universal and are set by the base mod.

For mods that add new items, constructions, workshops, etc and don't change the vanilla parameters, I recommended specifying only the new items in your mod to make sharing easier. When using that mod by itself, just include it in a blank mod. For example to add a new item, previously you would add the item somewhere in the items.xml file. Now, you should make a new items.xml file that only contains your new item. Create a base mod that doesn't include items.xml (which will use the vanilla items.xml) and then add your mod with 1 new item into the Included Mods folder.

New Sprites can now be merged together with multiple mods too. Each mod can have 1 or more tilesheets to use as a source. When merging mods, the game will generate a texture atlas on it's own. When adding new sprites, there is no reason to include the vanilla sprite sheet.

•Crash loading mods downloaded from Steam workshop
•Crash loading saved games

•When merging mods, available recipes in workshops with the same ID are combined
•If a construction has only 1 component, MaterialIndex for tinting sprites references the components of that component
•Added a parameter to set the chance a trade good will be offered for a merchant
•Added DefaultTradeModifiers to charactersettings.xml to set trade modifiers for all merchants. Individual merchant settings will override these values
•Fixed crash when playing sound effects in linux and OSX
Added support for osx and linux for RC39.
•Added temporary logging for reading material Strength value
•Some XML files not being logged correctly when they are read in an included mod
•Fixed additional crash when playing sound effects in linux and OSX
•Storage containers generated from a merchant trade not working properly
•Fixed crash generating merchant goods when no material was set

Ver.0.9.17(2015年02月18日更新) Edit


  • Added automatons
    • Researched after prosthetic limbs
    • Crafted at Engineer Shop
    • Requires a golem core to craft. Golem cores have a chance of spawning when golems are killed
    • Body part materials are determined by the materials of components used
    • Can be repaired at an Engineer Shop using armor plates
    • Die when core or fuel tank is destroyed in combat
    • Automatons dismantle on death. If the core is still intact it can be used to recraft the automaton with a penalty to skills
    • Can perform jobs and be on squads
    • Can't equip weapons or armor
    • Requires coal to run. Gnomes will add coal when empty otherwise automatons refuel themselves. They don't eat/drink/sleep
  • Reduced minimum stocks before golems spawn from 1000 to 500 (250 for bars)
  • Added straw to golem spawns (wheat golems)
  • Added manual population cap setting to population overview. A value of 0 has no cap (the default is no cap)
  • Some resources are consumed when creating a golem core. Dirt, clay and stone golems will generate metal slivers, similar to prospecting, if no golem core is created

Ver.0.9.16(2014年11月11日更新) Edit


  • 義手・義足の追加
    • 発明家が発見し、Engineer Shopで作成して病院で装着することができる。
    • 義手・義足と同時にアーマーは装備することができない。
    • 精錬することができる。


  • A couple pixels on the scaffolding sprite
  • Deconstructing a floor that was built as part of a Build Wall job causing the construction component to become unusable
  • Items that can be piled repeatedly being restocked when in piles of 1
  • Quivers and ammo pouches that aren't empty halting stockpiles

Ver.0.9.15(2014年10月07日更新) Edit


  • Stockpile UI is now resizable. Size and position are preserved across play sessions like other resizable windows
  • Added a restock threshold setting to each stockpile
    • Stockpile automatically suspends itself when full and unsuspends when there are the same or more number of spaces available as the threshold
    • Manually turning suspend on or off will override any automated behavior
  • Gnomes now use items that can be piled (dirt, stone, straw, etc) to pick up similar items while stocking
  • Added an option on the Smelter to automatically smelt worn items


  • Visual artifacts with some sprites.

Ver.0.9.14(2014年07月18日更新) Edit


  • Added silica - Obtained through prospecting in addition to slivers
  • Added ceramic tile - Crafted at a Kiln with clay, silica and coal
  • Changed Ceramic Wall recipe to use ceramic tile. The wall value is now 20 instead of 0.
  • Added game.ini to install directory
    • Has "savefolder" parameter to specify the directory for save games as well as settings.ini
    • If game.ini is missing or the savefolder parameter is empty/invalid it will default to the original directory (Documents/My Games/Gnomoria)
    • Some paths will require Gnomoria to be run as administrator to have write access
  • Stocked goods can be transferred from one stockpile to another
    • Added Transfer tab to stockpile UI
    • Each stockpile can "push" and "pull" goods to another stockpile. This still allows for many stockpiles to push to the same one
    • Stockpiles that push to another one are listed in the other stockpiles UI as well as their own.
    • Stockpiles are still worked in priority order. When stocking a given stockpile, gnomes will first attempt to pull goods from other stockpiles before stocking unstocked goods

Ver.0.9.13(2014年06月14日更新) Edit


  • Golem spawns now based off amount of unstocked goods instead of darkness .
  • Golems can spawn from soil, raw stone, raw ore, logs, blocks, bars and planks .
  • Items convert into a golem and revert back into items on golem death .
  • Added new wall and floor types to build with.

Ver.0.9.12(2014年05月27日更新) Edit


  • Reduced mant aggro range to keep them focused on stealing food..
  • Increased the minimum food + drink before mants start spawning.
  • Adjusted mant spawns so that lower food/drink stocks attract fewer mants than before while also higher stocks attract more mants than before.
  • Added buckets and sacks. Used for hauling goods similar to wheelbarrows but for items that store in barrels and bags..
  • Changed grove and farm behavior so that higher priority groves/farms will be worked before lower priority. Previously they first went in job order (Harvest, etc) and then in priority order within the same job type..
  • Increased skill gains from Prospecting.
  • Added lead slivers to prospecting stone.
  • Chance of successful prospecting now increases with Prospecting skill.
  • Added an additional property so that objects of the same material can have different sustain values
  • Increased sustain for doors and golems.
  • Decreased sustain for leather armor.


  • Crash when a zombie rises while on a set trap.
  • When stocking with wheelbarrows, items sometimes getting in an invalid state where they were simultaneously inside and not inside a crate..

Ver.0.9.11(2014年05月13日更新) Edit


  • Mant workers now prioritize stealing food and will leave if enough food has been stolen.
  • Mants now spawn solely off food and drink stocks and are uneffected by Kingdom Worth.
  • "Craft To" setting on Prospector now prospects down to that stock level as expected.
  • Added "Smelt To" setting on Smelter which will continue to smelt items until the stock levels are at or below the setting value.
  • Adjusted training grounds skill ups so that while sparring gnomes gain skill in their equipped weapons as well as the weapons used by their sparring partner. Spectators now also gain skill in their equipped weapon and not just that of the gnomes sparring.


  • Fixed unusable items left from deconstructing stairs and wall in previous saves. (Might cause longer load times the first load).
  • Initiating a tribute or insult and then backing out and selecting the other option has invalid items in the offer.
  • Crash trying to dig stairs down at the bottom of the map over lava.
  • Crash clicking on "En Route" from population or gnome UI window.
  • Crash typing in a trade quantity when no trade item is selected.
  • Crash when loading certain saves that caused it to stay on the load screen indefinitely.

Ver.0.9.10(2014年04月29日更新) Edit


  • Added Goblin kingdoms to Diplomacy window
  • Send Tribute - Send desired items to goblins to delay their next attack.
  • Send Insult - Send insulting items (or verbal insult) to goblins to reduce time to next attack and increase strength of their next attack if insulting enough.
  • Training gnomes who are watching the fight now get some related skill experience while watching.


  • Gnomes stuck training after their shift ends.
  • Items from deconstructing stairs and walls not being usable.
  • Choosing Peaceful in Advanced Settings changing to Custom difficulty.
  • Goblins spawning in Custom difficulty with goblins specifically disabled.
  • Freeze when removing floor that has items from a deconstructed workshop on it.
  • Foreign trade jobs cancelling if a sleeping gnome is selected.
  • Foreign trade jobs not allow to be canceled before the gnome has left.
  • Foreign trade jobs not showing offered items if you close and reopen the window.
  • Visual bug with corpses still showing old equipment under certain conditions.