ver1.3 の変更点

&br;&color(Green){''&size(19){TI鯖 Classic1.3 詳細};''};
-Gludio Castle, Dion Castle. Giran Castle and Oren Castle.
-&color(Red){Sieges should happen every 2 weeks at sundays at 17 CET};
-All sieges should happen at same time.
-clans 3 level and above may take part in the siege, by applying on NPC Messenger, which can be found in the vicinity of the respective castle.
-Registration for the siege is completed 24 hours before the start of the siege.
-During the siege, no temporary alliances are created to enable the parties to fight outside the walls of the castle.
-During the siege, no points are added the personal and clan reputation.
-&color(Red){When dieing in siege zone no penalties are applied. no exp loss.};
-Clan leaders can use the skills "Seal of Light" or "Seal of Darkness" to engrave the castle stone, after engrave is finished castle should change to the chosen side.
-Engraving skills need to be casted for 2 minutes.
-After the capture of the Castle of Light / Darkness the new owners of the castle in the name of the clan leader can change the direction of the castle to  Light or Dark. Immediately after the siege in the throne room of the castle appears NPC Messenger of Light (if the castle on the side of Darkness) or NPC Messenger of Darkness (if the castle on the side of Light), which will offer the leader of the clan to go over to the other side.
-1 hour after side is picked NPC Chamberlain of Light or Chamberlain of Darkness will appear where castle owners can use the normal castle functions.
-Clan leaders of clan level 3 get the skill to set flag on sieges, this skill can only be used in sieges zone, while flag is up players from that clan have increased HP and MP regen and can be used as a resurrect point for members of the clan owning the flag.
-The following bonus are available for castle owners.
-Leader of the clan who owns the castle can get a special hair accessory as a symbol of infinite power and authority.
-Every member of the clan who owns a castle have access to the following items.
--NOTE: As we mentioned before we are not adding the Castle Owner Coins since in our point of view almost all the items you can get from it create big unbalance and most of the feedbacks about that feature were negative.

&br;&color(orange){''2.New Zones.''};
-&color(Red){Alligator Island.};
-&color(Red){Enchanted Valley.};

&br;&color(orange){''3.New Quests.''};
-4 new repeatable quests have been added.

&br;&color(orange){''4.Adena Drop Changes.''};
-Adena drop was reworked in general and the amount of adena dropped by the monsters was increased about 3 times all over the map.

&br;&color(orange){''5.Changes to old Zones.''};
-Some of the old zones got reworked.
--Wastelands - Some of the monsters had their level raised a bit and the drop chances also increased.
--Plains of the Lizardman - Lord of the Plains has increased HP and increased drop, he is no longer accompanied by archer monster, only mage and warrior.
--Timak Orc Outpost - Timak troop leader has increased HP and increased drop, he is no longer accompanied by archer monster, only shaman and warrior.
--Partisans Hideaway - The groups no longer come with archer monster, only 2 bandits. HP and drops of the leader has been increased.
Ant Nest - Some of the monsters of Ant Nest got their respawn time decreased, and the amount of EXP/SP increased.

&br;&color(orange){''6.Drop changes.''};
-Between the original classic version and the 1.5 version, lots of new items were added, other were removed, others were changed and so on. As so, and since we decided to use already the drop system as it works in the 1.5 version since its more comfortable for the players, over 40 locations had to get the drops from it's monsters reworked.

&br;&color(orange){''7.Epic Jewellery and Upgrade System for them.''};
-Epic boss jewels can now drop from their respective Epic Bosses.
-Epic boss jewels can be upgraded into a more powerful one up to level 3 by this system which will be available in a NPC in Giran.
-After upgrading the jewels will have the following effects:

&br;&color(orange){''8.New Skills.''};
-23 new skills were added.
--Shield Strike
--Shield Deflect Magic
--Life Rescue
--Ritual of Life
--Pa'agrio's Honor
--Chant of Movement
--Dual Weapon Defense
--Quick Spear
--Fell Swoop
--Excruciating Strike
--Sword Expert
--Immortal Life
--Fist Weapon Mastery
--Power Supremacy
--Mystic Immunity
--Divine Power
--Advanced Block
--Stigma of Shilen
--Break Duress

&br;''&color(orange){9.Changes to old Skills.};''
-Some of the older skills went through some changes.
-Triple Slash - Added effect - "For 10 seconds decreases enemy’s P. Def. by 23%."
Freezing Flame - Removed PVP/PVE damage difference, now it deals the max damage on both situations.

&br;&color(orange){''10.New Client.''};
-Since we are planning on having the 1.5 update shortly after this 1.3 update, we will already be using 1.5 client. It will come already with some new features including the character online info window where u can check some detail about the period of time when you were logged in such as, acquired experience, adena, and even the drops you got during that time.

&br;&color(orange){''11.New Raid Bosses Added.''};
-New Raid Bosses were added on location all over the map.

&br;''&color(orange){12.Experience loss upon death reduced.};''
-The experience loss when you die is no longer 10 %, but 4 %. All the other experience loss decrease values such as clan war, Death Deal Certificates etc, will be calculated from those 4 %.

&br;&color(orange){''13.Soulshot Consumption Reduced.''};
-&color(Red){All NG/D grade/C grade weapons had their soulshot consumption reduced.};

&br;&color(orange){''14.Other Changes.''};
-Gludio gatekeeper will now display a teleport option to Ant Nest.
-Town Blacksmiths will have the option to unseal B grade gear.
-&color(Red){NCSoft made a new feature  with weapon enchant scrolls, they removed them from spoil lists and added them to NPC in town for sale. We do not like this feature so we wont implement it, instead we gonna be adding this scrolls for spoil by ourselves. a detailed drop list information will be given later about this scrolls spoil list.};
- With the adena increased all over the map (about 3 times higher then now), we are discussing the possibility of changing the adena drop rates from x3 to x2.


&color(Green){※日本ではBattle of tearsと呼ばれる};
-Castle sieges(攻城戦だよ)
--“Seal of Light” / “Seal of Darkness”
--4 Castles: Gludio Castle, Dion Castle, Giran Castle and Oren Castle.
--Experience is being lost as usual
--Switching between sides after capturing
--Pluses and minuses of Light and Darkness sides
--%%Coins for Castle owners%%
-New skills and books for them(新スキル)
-Changes in old skills(スキルリニューアル)
-New zones(新しい狩場)
-Changes in old zones(狩場リニューアル)
-Epic jewellery(訳求む)
-Changed amount of used shots(消費SS/SPS変更)
-%%Enchant scroll added to the shop%%
-Sword of Paagrio added to the shop(ソードオブパアグリオ)
-New quests(クエスト追加)
-Drop/Spoil/Adena amount(本鯖に準じてアッパー調整?)
-Other changes(その他)
-Exp loss when dead changed from 10% to 4%(デスペナ4%)