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Last-modified: 2012-07-04 (水) 01:04:09

MMF2 ビルド 249~251 Edit



Fixes in MMF2

  • Frame editor : the category selected in the Insert New object dialog box is preserved when you close and reopen MMF2.
  • Frame editor : the minimum size for the grid is 2 pixels, instead of 4.
  • Frame editor : images of global Lives objects are not updated in other frames when they are modified.
  • Picture editor : the ESC key now closes the editor.
  • Picture editor : graphic glitches in image thumbnails when the transparent color is not black.
  • Picture editor : the "confirmation" message displayed when you click the X in the title bar is now also displayed when you click the Cancel button.
  • Picture editor : images with only an alpha channel (= without bitmap) were not allowed.
  • Path movement editor : crash if you add new segments after reaching the maximum number.
  • Animation object : the Go to frame action couldn't work if the new frame is before the current one.
  • Animation Object : Previous Frame action now works.
  • Animation Object : an error message was displayed if the filename was empty and the "display error messages" option selected in the properties.
  • Animation Object : wrong remapping in 256-color applications with .GIF files that contain local palettes.
  • Counter and String objects : the "Display as background" option is now unselected by default when you create a new object.
  • List Box / Combo Box objects : the edit box in the properties was limited to 32 Kb in size.
  • Drag & Drop Movement : Set Y coordinate action not working for objects with this movement.
  • Drag & drop movement : can't select active object anymore after you drop it onto a Screen Capture object in "automatic capture" mode.
  • New "In And Out" movement : The InAndOut movement allows objects to enter and leave the frame in a nicely manner.
  • Events : there was a compatibility issue between English, French and Japanese MFA files, some objects hadn't the same internal type name in those versions, this would cause some problems especially in global events and behaviors. The new version restores the correct type names in the language of the version of MMF2, a MFA saved with the English version should work the same when you load it with the Japanese version.
  • Event editor : scrolling issues or even possible crashes with Page Down / Page Up, keys.
    イベントエディタ:Page Down / Page Up キーでスクロールさせるとクラッシュすることあったのを修正
  • Event editor : the event editor did not always remember the open/closed state of the groups (if the groups were included in a closed group).
  • Event editor : Set semi transparency was not disabled for Java and Mobile
  • Runtime : a bug in the collision detection routines could cause a problem with the automatic rotation option in the 8-direction movement (object direction not modified when it should be).
  • Runtime : image size was not updated after automatic rotations.
  • Runtime (PC & Java) : click on strings displayed as background did not work in scrolling applications.
  • Runtime / Debugger : memory leak when you add objects to debugger at runtime and then delete these objects while the debugger is closed.
  • Runtime / Debugger : the index of the global values displayed in the debugger was wrong (0-based instead of 1-based) and the letter of the global value is now displayed for unnamed values.
  • Runtime : the Run External Program action can now run administrator applications even if the program is not executed as administrator (Windows will display the confirmation dialog box). Due to this change this action can now also run non executable files (it launches the program associated with the file's extension). You no longer need to use the Open URL action of the Vitalize! Plugin object for that.
  • Runtime : Load Frame Position crashes when the application contains global objects.
  • Runtime : Load Frame Position doesn't restore the objects' ink effect.
  • Runtime : Set Position did not fix the orientation of the object when "orientation/in direction of object" was checked
  • Runtime : when the automatic rotation of the object is enabled, the angle of the image used to be different from an actual direction.
  • Runtime : when the automatic rotation of the object is enabled with a one frame animation object, the initial direction was not displayed.
  • Runtime : Force Load On Call didn't work.
  • Runtime : active objects with an appear and disappear animation only, were not destroyed at the end of the animation.
  • Runtime : you couldn't play normal sounds on a specific channel after an uninterruptible sound had been played on this channel.
  • Java runtimes : crash when destroying an object with a disappearing animation within a collision event.
  • Java Mobile runtime / Mobile Font object : resized applications that contain Mobile Font objects could crash on mobile phone unless you re-import the font in the object. The crash should be fixed in this version, in theory, however it's still recommended to re-import the font, for a better result.
  • Java runtimes / Counter object : red and blue components were exchanged in the value returned by the Get Color function.
    Java ランタイム:カウンターオブジェクト:色取得関数で返ってくる値の赤と青の情報が入れ替わっていたのを修正
  • Java runtimes / Counter object : Get Color #2 returns the first color.
  • Java runtimes / String object : clicks on a String object were triggered when you click on the left of a string.
  • Java runtimes : new objects : MagicDeque, Immediate IF, Function Egg Timer
    Java ランタイム:新オブジェクト:MagicDeque、 Immediate IF、 Function Egg Timer
  • Java runtimes : look at action used to make the object look at 0,0 when the object to look at was destroyed
  • Java runtimes : qualifiers were duplicated in internal lists, causing an action for qualifier to occur several times
  • Java runtimes : A left mouse click was generated at start of frame, detected if the condition Mouse click was in second position in an event.
  • Java runtimes : The hotspot of certain images in animations was not correctly set
  • Java runtimes : Player controls set to Joystick now respond to the keyboard
  • Java runtimes / Sinusoidal movement : the movement could get stuck.
  • Java runtimes / Direction calculator : crashes with turn to direction and face direction actions.
  • Java runtimes / Move Safely 2 object : crash when adding an object that is not present in the frame.
  • Java runtimes : when doing a restart frame, the last pressed key could remain marked as down.
  • Java runtimes : improved active object rotation.

Fixes in the SWF runtime

  • UI : the Flex output is now displayed if an error occurs during the compilation.
  • Crash when destroying an object with a disappearing animation within a collision event.
  • Collisions with scaled and/or rotated objects were inaccurate.
  • Collisions with Quick backdrop objects set as platform didn't work.
  • Drag & drop movement : didn't work anymore in previous beta versions.
  • Spaceship movement : Y component of the gravity did not respond to timer
  • Vector Movement : the direction of the object was improperly calculated
  • "End of pause" was not triggered at the end of the pause.
  • PARAM_EXTENSION in an extension caused the runtime to crash.
  • Date & Time object : the "Visible at start" option was ignored.
  • Active object : X Action Point and Y Action Point expressions did not work when the object was rotated or scaled.
  • Active system box : underlined did not take the highlighted color into account.
  • Active System Box : hyperlink color ignored when you roll over the button.
  • Advanced Game Board object, fixe in SnapX and SnapY expressions. They would always return the original value and not snap to the grid.
  • Button object : checkboxes, a CLICK ON OBJECT event was only generated when the checkbox was ON not when it was OFF.
  • Counter object : red and blue components were exchanged in the value returned by the Get Color function.
  • Counter object : Get Color #2 returns the first color.
  • Edit object : Get Selection text used to return "Blank" when there was no selection
  • Edit object : Get YSize used to return the Y coordinate
  • Flash object : Set Global Cursor ON crashed with invisible strings.
  • Hi-Scores object : Show name before score property made the object crash, and display nothing
  • Keyboard : Mousekey was mapped to certain keys of the keyboard.
  • Layer Object : the actions 'Sort By Alterable Value' did not work with counter objects and other object which did not have alterable values
  • Layers : the "Visible at start" setting now works for layers.
  • MoveIt object, now correctly clears the queue after moving objects over a time-span.
  • Storyboard object : Delete Added Backdrop at coordinate did not use the proper scrolling position.
  • String object : invisible strings could not be changed.
  • Text objects : setting a font bold or italic at runtime did not have any effect.
  • Sub-applications : sounds in sub application used to crash.