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Last-modified: 2012-12-01 (土) 22:30:27

Fixes in build 255.3 Edit

Fixes and new features in Unicode versions

  • crash when you edit a Play Sample action in the event editor.

Fixes in build 255.2 Edit

Fixes and new features in the editor

  • More sections of the help file have been translated to Japanese

Fixes and new features in iOS exporter

  • Initial orientation was wrong on some devices (causing Game Center to mess up)
  • Fixed mouse and multitouch coordinate bug in scrolled games
  • Bug with advanced scrolling fadeout.
  • Replace color now works
  • Setting an ink-effect manually could accidentally set its semitransparency ratio to an incorrect value
  • Problem when the runtime reuploaded a texture to the graphics card.
  • Crash when clicking an object with no sprite.
  • Crash with global string objects on frame change
  • Rare crash when restarting the frame
  • Left$ Right$ crashed when given a negative parameter
  • Added backdrops could have a badly adjusted hotspot (needs a bit more testing)
  • Add backdrop of an object set to no collision had no effect on the collision mask
  • Looping sounds could not be paused
  • Active Picture object : was invisible under certain circumstances.
  • Active Picture object : offset scroll would go the wrong direction.
  • Active Picture object : wrong position when the hotspot was updated.
  • Array object : global arrays were released when loading an array from a file, causing crashs and misbehaviors later.
  • Array object : some non ANSI characters in array files were not properly loaded.
  • Active System Box object : texts containing some non ANSI characters were not displayed.
  • Active System box : object did not respond to click once the frame was scrolled.
  • GET object : now uses UTF8 encoding.
  • INI, Hiscores, List object : saved data are now saved in the document directory of the bundle.
  • iOS Video object: no longer captures mouse input when it goes fullscreen.
  • List object should now be sized more closely to how it is sized in the frame editor.
  • Quick Backdrop object: ellipse rendering was not working.
  • Sub-application object: positioning of UI elements was wrong.
  • Sub-application object: mouse/touch coordinates were wrong if the parent frame was scrolled.
  • String object : not vertically centered or aligned on the bottom.
  • String object : Crash if string object had no paragraph.
  • Drag & drop movement : did not work in a scrolling frame
  • Drag & drop movement : a displayable extension object under an active object prevented it from being dragged

Fixes in build 255 Edit

Fixes and new features in the editor

  • A bigger part of the documentation has been translated to Japanese, the translation of the final part will be available later.
  • new 'Extensions to Ignore' tab in the Preferences. Allows you to ignore some extensions when MMF2 starts. For example if you use both the normal and Unicode versions of MMF2, you can ignore old crashing EDIF extensions only in the Unicode version. Also, when an extension crashes MMF at start, the new build automatically detects it when you restart it and the crashing extension is added to the Extensions to Ignore tab.
  • Applications now also support 256x256 and 128x128 icons (256 for Windows Vista/7, 128 for Java Mac).
  • Global objects : new "Editor synchronization" property in the object properties. This option allows you to specify how global objects are synchronized across all frames in the editor. If this option is set to "No", the global object is not synchronized with others. If this option is set to "Identical Objects", the objects identical to the current object are synchronized with it (this is the old behavior, which doesn't work sometimes for some objects, especially when they have behaviors). If this option is set to "Same name and type", the global objects with the same name and type as the current object will be synchronized with it. When you create a new object, this option is set to "Same name and type" by default. In old applications, this option is set to "Identical objects" for the existing global objects.
  • Build : important change, you can now build applications that contain incompatible objects as well as incompatible actions/conditions/expressions. The incompatible objects and actions won't have any effect, the incompatible conditions are removed, and the incompatible expressions return either 0 or "". The error messages (incompatible objects and incompatible events) are now simple warning messages, you can bypass them. A new "Display build warning messages" option in the properties of the application allows you to hide these message boxes.
  • Date & Time object : the parameter of the Set count down action was not displayed in the event editor.
  • Display problem in parameters of the "Execute program" action in the event editor
  • Applications could crash due to corrupted memory due to registration issues with some Japanese names (this issue probably appeared in build 253).

Fixes and new features in the all the runtimes

  • All runtimes : Set animation speed had no effect for objects with a static movement.
  • All runtimes : all the actions and expressions that concern the effects are now compatible with all the runtimes, so that you don't get build errors. That doesn't mean they have an effect on all the runtimes, they are simply ignored in the runtimes that don't support them.
  • All runtimes : fix in the drag & drop movement in scrolling applications.

Fixes and new features in the Windows runtime

  • Edit Box, List Box and Combo Box objects : they are now able to load UTF-8 text files that start with the UTF-8 mark.
  • INI object : new UTF8 option in the properties. When this option is selected, strings are written in UTF8 format in the INI file. This option is selected by default in new objects only, in old applications you have to select it manually if you want to use it. When this option is not selected, the characters are written in the current Windows character set, causing issues for example if you write Greek, Japanese or Chinese characters on an English machine. Important note: be careful, if you use this option you must use ANSI characters in the filename of the INI file, only the content of the file can contain UTF-8 characters.
  • String object : crash at runtime if the size of the paragraphs was greater than 64 Kb.
  • Window Control object : the Minimize action now pauses the application if the "Run when minimized" option is not selected.
  • PC runtime : Crash in applications with missing objects when the "Display build warning messages" option was unselected
  • PC runtime : applications that contain objects without Data/Runtime MFX file could crash when you ran them from MMF2.
  • PC runtime : various issues when objects were missing from the Data/Runtime folder when you run applications from MMF2 or when you save them as stand-alone applications.
  • PC runtime : crash when you use several instances of the same global object and several of these instances have different alterable strings (this issue had been fixed previously, but not entirely).
  • PC runtime : the documentation was not displayed anymore when you press F1.

Fixes and new features in non-PC runtimes

  • Java, SWF, iOS Runtimes : the collision detection is now faster.
  • Java, SWF, iOS Runtimes : sometimes the active object kept its previous animation direction.
  • Java, SWF, iOS Runtimes / Drag & Drop movement : sometimes the object was not selected when you clicked on it.

Fixes and new features in the Java runtime

  • Java Runtime : a displayable extension object under an active object prevented it from being dragged.
  • Java Runtime : Animations didn't sometimes end properly during lag/low framerate scenarios causing problems in games relying on the current animation frame.
  • Java Runtime : fixed a problem with action points.

Fixes and new features in SWF exporter only

  • Flash : "Resize display to fit window size" is now supported
  • Flash : a new "Flash Player Version" property allows you to set the minimum required version of Flash Player for each application. No need to modify the Flex config file anymore for 3rd party objects that need a different version of Flash Player.
  • Flash : Add, Subtract, Invert, Semi transparency effects are now supported.
  • Flash : crashes under certain circumstances with the Set angle action
  • Flash : fix in the drag & drop movement in scrolling applications.
  • Flash : sometimes animations didn't end properly during lag/low framerate scenarios causing problems in games relying on the current animation frame.
  • Flash : Added backdrop object were not displayed properly in a wrapping scrolling layer.
  • Flash : pausing an application with the same key as the one chosen for resume had no effect.
  • Flash : Delete created backdrop at coordinate did not delete a backdrop laying at the exact coordinates.
  • Flash / Array object : save action now works.
  • Flash / Combo Box object : "Is list dropped" condition always returned false.
  • Flash / Date & Time object : the initial value of a count down was ignored.
  • Flash / List, Combo Box object : save and load actions now work.
  • Flash / List and Combo Box object : "Set current line" doesn't induce a "selection changed" event anymore, like the PC runtime.
  • Flash / INI object : now loads INI files stored as binary files in the application.
  • Flash / INI object : spaces before or after a key name made this key unrecognized.
  • Flash / Question object : fixes.
  • Flash / String object : now responds to Set transparency action
  • Flash / Sub application object : new bug since build 253, fake key presses could be reported at start of frame.

Fixes in build 253 Edit

Fixes and new features in the editor

  • Property window : color problem in high contrast color modes.
  • Event editor : crash in Activate/Deactivate Group dialog box if the frame contains more than 1000 groups.
  • Event editor : when editing a zone in conditions like Pick Object From a Zone, the zoom coefficient of the frame editor is automatically set to 100% otherwise this causes bugs in the zone editing.
  • Some non-Unicode 3rd party objects could have a bad name after being inserted in the frame editor.
  • Some non Unicode objects, especially the objects built with the EDIF SDK, could have a weird name in the Insert Object dialog box.

Fixes and new features in the SWF runtime

  • Flash : new MP3 filter that allows you to use your own MP3 sounds in your SWF applications. I.e. you can now import MP3 files as you would import other sound files, these sounds will be copied directly to the SWF file without conversion.
  • Flash : the SWF exporter was not working anymore when you run MMF2 with Wine. To allow it to run, just put a "wine.ini" file in the MMF2 directory. MMF2 will detect it and will build SWF files with a specific build routine.
  • Flash : keyboard buffer is no longer cleared between frames.
  • Flash : platform movement on certain games, refused to jump while moving to left or right.
  • Flash : joystick buttons not working when an object has a Mouse movement.
  • Flash : preloader properties : after changing the image coordinates you couldn't set them back to -1 anymore.
  • Flash : applications are compatible with 3rd party loaders (not only Mochi live update)
  • Flash : the collision mask of small rotated zoomed objects was incorrect.
  • Flash : crash when destroying certain types of objects.
  • Flash / Active System box, Background System box : these objects could sometimes crash or display incorrect text.
  • Flash : Array object, compare to string with an empty value always returned true.
  • Flash / Combo Box object : the first item of a combo box was not displayed in the edit zone
  • Flash / Edit box object : Text modified flag used to be reset after a condition "Is modified".
  • Flash / Edit box object : this object now supports Embedded fonts.
  • Flash / Edit box object : Set background color had strange effects, like changing the case of the text.
  • Flash / Flash Player object, new expression Get System Language.
  • Flash / Flash Player object : new "Mouse is within window" and "Application has focus" conditions.
  • Flash / Flash Player object: Open URL is not blocked anymore by the popup blocker of the browser
  • Flash / Flash player object, new expression Get System Language.
  • Flash / FLV object : FrameRate expression has been renamed to VideoFrameRate (conflict with Frame Rate expression of the Storyboard object).
  • Flash / Hiscore object : "Hide on start" properties have an effect now.
  • Flash / Layer object, set layer XY, set layer XY by name had a reverse effect.
  • Flash / Sub-Application "Pause" and "Resume" didn't work.
  • Flash / Sub applications moved erratically during scrollings.
  • Flash / new Windows Control object for compatibility with other runtimes (only expressions that return the size of the screen are enabled).

Fixes and new features in the Java runtimes

  • Java : crash when destroying certain types of objects.
  • Java : the Background System Box object could crash or display incorrect text in a Java application.
  • Java : MTRandom did not take properties into account.
  • Java Mobile : new Windows Control object for compatibility with other runtimes (only expressions that return the size of the screen are enabled).
  • Java Mobile : Set Y Position now works correctly in drag & drop movement.

Fixes and new features in the Windows runtimes

  • Active Backdrop object : new object that allows you to display and move an image from an internal image list in the background of the application.
  • Animation object : crash after Next frame / Previous frame / Go to frame actions without setting the animation file.
  • Double Precision Calculator : values between -1 and 0 were incorrectly formatted.
  • Draw object: crash in Mode expression.
  • INI object : new "Create INI file in Application Data directory" property. When this option is selected and you enter a filename without pathname, the file is created in an MMF Applications folder in the user's Application Data directory. refer to the documentation for more info.
  • PC runtime : Compare to global string with an expression only refered to string #0.
  • PC runtime : Direction of animation with Automatic rotation was not always correct (seeable with path movements).
  • PC runtime : Run External Program is now able to launch apps that require admin privileges.
  • PC runtime : the Load Frame Position action sometimes reported a disc error for no reason.
  • PC runtime : the Drag & Drop movement was not compatible with Save Frame Position / Load Frame Position.
  • PC runtime : random crash at the end of frame when several instances of the same global object have different alterable strings.
  • PC runtime : problem with Pause after the application is minimized.

Fixes and new features in all the runtimes

  • All runtimes : a pause in a path movement inhibited the animations until the next chunk of movement.
  • All runtimes : Animations at start of frame could skip a few images
  • All runtimes, InAndOut movement : animations stopped when the object was stopped
  • All runtimes : Bullet, Platform, 8 directions, Race car movements, a destroy action on an object with a disappearing animation in a "out of frame" or "collision" event could crash.
  • All runtimes : Circular movement, set Radius used to set the radius to zero.
  • Non-PC runtimes : the collision detection with static objects was not called at every loop, causing multiple collision detections.