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The Preferences - General tab Edit

環境設定 - 「全般」タブ



  • 自動バックアップ
  • アプリケーションをビルドする時常にファイル名の入力を要求する
  • アップデートを確認する間隔
  • アンドゥ(元に戻す)の回数
    元に戻すことができる最大回数を設定します。 回数を減らすとメモリの消費量が少なくなります。

(原文)The Preferences - General tab Edit

General options

  • Autobackup
    The autobackup system is a powerful system that secures your backups. Enter the number of copies to keep in the edit zone, the more the better. Each time you save a version of your work, it will create a numbered copy of the previous file. For example if you save Game.mfa, it will create game.001, game.002, game.003. Game.001 is the newest file of the backup and game.003 the oldest.
    In case a problem occurs in the main file, you can revert to the previous one instantly. We strongly advise that you enable autobackup for important projects.
  • Always prompt for filename when building applications
    Check this option if you want Multimedia Fusion 2 Developer to prompt you for the filename of the destination file when you build an application. If this option is not selected and the application has already been built, building it again will overwrite the previous destination file.
  • Check for Update every
    Indicates how often Multimedia Fusion 2 Developer should check if a new version is available on the Clickteam server. Select the delay in the combo box. If you select "Never", the program will never check if a new version is available. If you select "Day", the program will check it every day, etc.
    When a new version is available, Multimedia Fusion 2 Developer asks you if you want to download it and install it. We recommend you to always install the latest versions of the program.
  • Number of Undo levels
    Indicates how many commands are stored in the Undo buffer. You can save memory by reducing this number.