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ヘルプ日本語訳/The Backdrop Object/Properties

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プロパティ Edit


  • 設定/イメージ


  • 障害物の種類
  • なし
  • 障害物
  • 下からすり抜けられる障害物
  • はしご

(原文)Properties Edit

The backdrop object only contains a limited number of properties.

Settings / Image
Click on the EDIT button to open the picture editor, and draw you object.

The Backdrop object contains another important property located in the Runtime Options folder :

Obstacle type
This property indicates if your object is an obstacle when your application is running. It contains 4 settings :

  • None : the object is not an obstacle, all the objects can go through it freely.
  • Obstacle : the object is an obstacle, a collision will be generated when an object collides with it. You can detect this collision with a condition in the event editor.
  • Platform : this option is only used with the platform movement. If an object with a platform movement collides with the backdrop object, a collision will be generated. Collisions will be detected unless the object is jumping : this allows the object to climb from one platform to another by jumping.
  • Ladder : this option too is only used with the platform movement. If this property is set, the backdrop object will react as a ladder : the character will be able to climb the object.