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(原文)Network Object - Actions Edit


The Network object actions send and receive information from any Multimedia Fusion 2 application running on the network. The Network object actions that can occur as a result of the conditions in your Multimedia Fusion 2 application are described below.


Open Channel
Specifies the channel number and assigns a name to the machine on which the Multimedia Fusion 2 application is running. This channel and name will be used by Multimedia Fusion 2 applications on other machines that want to communicate with this machine.


Close Channel
Stops communication across the network through the channel that was specified by the Open Channel command.


Send String
Passes the specified text string through the open channel to another machine.


Send Number
Passes the specified number through the open channel to another machine.


Reset Error
Clears the buffer that stores the last error message received from the Network object.


Destroys the Network object and removes it from the frame.