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説明 Edit



注意:プレイヤーオブジェクトは4つまで増やすことができ、プレイヤー1, 2, 3, 4 が割り当てられます。Multimedia Fusion 2 Developer はフレームのオブジェクトの動作プロパティを検査し、プレイヤー2,3,4が割り当てられているかを自動的に検出します。特定のオブジェクトなしにプレイヤー2以降をイベントエディタで使いたいならば、ダミーオブジェクトを一時的にフレーム外に作成しプレイヤー2以降を割り当てることで、イベントエディタでプレイヤー2以降を強制的に表示できます。



(原文)Description Edit

The Player object governs the use of the joystick and lets you set, add to, and subtract from a player's lives and score. The Player object can read the state of the joystick; perform specific actions, such as end the game, when the player's score is 0 or the player runs out of lives; and remove or restore control to the user.


Note: there can be up to four players objects, assigned to player 1, 2, 3 and 4. Multimedia Fusion 2 Developer inspects the movement properties of the objects present in the frame, and automatically detects when a movement is assigned to player 2, 3 or 4. You may want to have player 2 or more present in the event editor without a specific object : just create a dummy object out of the frame of your game and assign player 2 (or more) to it : it will enforce the display of the player 2 object in the event editor.


The Player object is a system object and is only available in the Event editor.