BrainClub2021 の変更点

* 2021/01/09(Sat): Discussion (online) [#r09be067]

- Watching "Detroit: become human", I thought about a membership problem pf consciousness.  
''Research Talk'' S. Nozawa ( [[@melonsode:]] )

* 2021/01/29(Fri): Journal Club (online) [#eccba192]
- Patient mortality after surgery on the surgeon’s birthday: observational study.
Kato, H., Jena, A. B., & Tsugawa, Y.
'''bmj''', 371. (2020) 
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-COVID-19-related stress and anxiety are associated with negative body image in adults from the United Kingdom.
Swami, V., Horne, G., & Furnham, A.
'''Personality and individual differences''', 170, 110426. (2021)
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-Tune to touch: Affective touch enhances learning of face identity in 4-month-old infants.
Della Longa, L., Gliga, T., & Farroni, T. 
'''Developmental cognitive neuroscience''', 35, 42-46. (2019)
''Report''  T. Takano

* 2021/02/17(Wed): Journal Club (online) [#sd87ff5d]
- Revisiting the global workspace orchestrating the hierarchical organization of the human brain
Deco, G., Vidaurre, D., & Kringelbach, M. L. 
'''Nature Human Behaviour''', 1-15. (2021)
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''Report'' K. Omata

* 2021/02/27(Sat): Research Talk (online) [#e7c57585]
-Cutting and Struggling
''Research Talk'' T. Ishikawa

* 2021/03/05(Sat): Research Talk (online) [#j2525e42]
-Limits of game theory and monetary reward.
''Research Talk'' K. Mogi

* 2021/03/14(Sun): Research Talk (online) [#rf33dfb9]
-What is a relation?
''Research Talk'' Yoshinori

* 2021/03/18(Thu): Research Talk (online) [#rf33dfb9]
-Consciousness & Algorithm
''Research Talk'' Hataoka

* 2021/03/26(Fri): Journal Club (online) [#rf33dfb9]
-Distinct roles of dorsal and ventral subthalamic neurons in action selection and cancellation.
Mosher, C. P., Mamelak, A. N., Malekmohammadi, M., Pouratian, N., & Rutishauser, U.
'''Neuron.''', 1-15. (2021)
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''Report'' S. Nozawa

* 2021/04/02(Fri): Progress Report (online) [#rf33dfb9]
-Towards a neuroscience of emotional labors.
''Report'' A. Onzo

* 2021/04/09(Fri): Progress Report (online) [#rf33dfb9]
-How can we make the AGI?
''Report'' Okajima

* 2021/04/13(Fri): Progress Report (online) [#baf87e32]
- A quantitative research on why people choose to listen to sad music & exploring nationality differences (Japanese, German, and British)
''Report'' Maejima