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 TITLE:To the River[1]
 Cognitive neuroscience laboratory 
 at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, and Sony Computer Science Laboratories
 We are committed to deciphering the enigmas posed by the ever tantalizing[2]  brain.
 We believe that capacities of the brain is unique beyond what are achievable by artificial intelligence systems.
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 *Members[3] (in alphabetical order) [#idb0dec1]
 -[[Tomomitsu Herai]]
 -[[Eiichi Hoshino>hoshino]]
 -[[Tetsuo Ishikawa>ishikawa]]
 -[[Miki Kato>kato]] 
 -[[Ken Mogi>kenmogi]] 
 -[[Hisayuki Nagashima>nagashima]]
 -[[Shinichi Nozawa:]]
 -[[Fumi Okubo>okubo]]
 -[[Kei Omata:]]
 -[[Ayako Onzo>onzo]]
 -[[Takayasu Sekine>sekine]]
 -[[Tamami Sudo:]]
 -[[Haruna Takagawa>takagawa]]
 -[[Fumiko Tanabe]]
 -[[Tsugumi Takano>takano]]
 -[[Fumihiko Taya>taya]]
 -[[Mayumi Toshima>toshima]]
 -[[Toru Yanagawa]]
 -[[Zhang Qi>zhang]]
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 *Research [#tef10060]
 Research themes include [[active vision>activevision]], sensorimotor coordination, body image, memory dynamics, [[emotion>emotion]], spatial memory, one-shot learning, pre-linguistic cognitive development, language, social interaction, [[facial perception>face]], neuroeconomics, neuromarketing, subjective time, spontaneity, [[qualia>qualia]], consciousness, among others. 
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 *Meetings [#x92e97ea]
 -Weekly Journal club : The Brain Club[4] [[(Archive)>brainclub]]
 Joint Workshops
 -[[Spontaneous One>spontaneousone]]
 with Ikegami Laboratory
 21st March 2008  Komaba Campus, University of Tokyo
 -[[Art and Brain>artandbrain]]
 with Fuse laboratory at the Tokyo University of the Arts
 28th March 2008  Ueno Campus, Tokyo University of the Arts
 -[[Communication and Decision Making>CommunicationAndDecisionMaking]]
 with Omori laboratory at Tamagawa University
 5th May 2008  Tamagawa University
 *References and notes [#l3498970]
 [1] "To the river" is taken from a graffiti written on a stone wall near the Trinity college, Cambridge, U.K.
 [2]  When we solve one problem, we become aware of a hundred others.
 [3] Laboratory ethos:"Once a member, always a member"
 [4] Open to visitors by appointment
 *Contact [#qcc4ba55]
 Enquiries should be addressed to
 Ken Mogi    [email protected]
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