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Experiments: ESLPod and other Podcasting sites on PC

ESLPod site accessed by Netvibes (Windows)

My own Netvibes pages - screen shots (4/12/06)
  1. ESLPod -Listening mode
  2. Overlay: 'JetAudio'
  3. and script 'Caption View'
    • just like 'iTune' screen?
  4. Audio(MP3) downloaded from
    • ESLPod web site
  5. Running Audio on JetAudio
  6. Viewing captions on its 'JetScan'
    --This shows PC based Podcasting!
    --No iTunes, No iPods for students!!
    --Only PC's and internet~
  7. logo.gif<---Video Clip of above slides with ESLPod Audio (30"+)

VOA accessed by Netvibes (Windows)

ABC News (Lingua Franca) site accessed by Netvibes (Windows)

 ABC News (Lingua Franca) - Another screen shot (4/12/06)
  1. Language Play - Play for Real
  2. Saturday 18 March 2006
  3. The influential English literacy expert:
    • Margaret Meek Spencer
  4. on the role of language play
    • in children's linguistic development.
  5. lingua_header3.gif
    • Transcript is available
    • Good for dictation, cloze drills
      • for advanced users
      • or linguistics majors
    • Lecture and research study skills

ESL PodCasting

  1. pod.jpg<---One of the best!! - [heart] Series Information: English as a Second Language Podcast
  2. logo.gif<--【アカデミック】 米国の二人の大学教授が提供するポッドキャスティング用プログラム。スキットの内容が非常に実用的。
    Each ESL thread lasts 10-20 minutes, in three parts:
    1. An dialog or story at slower speed than normal speech.
    2. An explanation of some of the expressions and phrases in part 1.
    3. A repetition of the dialog or story at a native rate of speech.
  3. els.gif><--ESLPodの愛好者 日本語Blog
  4. menu_betc.jpg<---名商大の説明会のKatherineの番組サイト
  • s1129094333.jpg<---名商大・光陵短大 セミナー 10/12/05 昔から名古屋商科大学は英語教育に熱心でした。
  • parent thread Podcast

World public radio stations


  1. podcast_banner.jpg<---VOA Special English
  2. icon_510019.jpg<---NPR: All Songs Considered - my favorite

BBC - British

  1. bbc_165x83.gif<--BBC how to paste rss feed
  2. var_podcast_radiobox.gif<--BBC programmes

ABC stations

  1. 07.jpg<--ABC Lingua Franca, Radio National -
    (Duration: 15 min, filesize: 7 MB, Updated weekly )
  2. lnlhead2.gif<---Recent Programs and Audio
    Updates nightly at 12.00am

Other ESL related feed sites

  1. red_badge.gif< (World News in VOA Special English - Charles I. Kelly's ESL podcast site) The English is spoken very clearly at about 80% the speed of regular news announcers.

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