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WildShadow20101Spider Den Portal_60.pngSpiderDenKey2.png
Spider Den
Snake Pit Portal_60.gifSnakePitKey2.png
Snake Pit
2Dungeon Portal_60.pngPirateCaveKey2.png
Pirate Cave
Build #74 WebArchive
Undead Lair Portal_60.gifUndeadLairKey2.png
Undead Lair
Abyss of Demons Portal_60.pngAbyssofDemonsKey2.png
Abyss of Demons
Build #79 WebArchive
Dungeon Portal_60.png
Oryx's Chamber
Build #82 ? WebArchive
Sprite World Portal_60.pngSpriteWorldKey2.png
Sprite World
Build #83 WebArchive
Dungeon Portal_60.png
Build #89 WebArchive
20112Dungeon Portal_60.png
Oryx's Kitchen & Nexus Explanation
Build #111
5Dungeon Portal_60.pngWineCellarIncantation.png
Wine Cellar
Build #115
11Tomb of the Ancients Portal_60.pngTomb of the Ancients key.png
Tomb of the Ancients
Build #120.0.3
20121Dungeon Portal_60.png
Oryx's Castle
Build #121.0.0
Guild Hall Portal_60.png
Guild Hall
2Ocean Trench Portal_60.pngOcean Trench Key.png
Ocean Trench
Build #122.0.1
Forbidden Jungle Portal_60.pngTotem Key.png
Forbidden Jungle
4Manor of the Immortals Portal_60.pngManor Key.png
Manor of the Immortals
Build #122.3.2
Dungeon Portal_60.png
Oryx's Chamber Oryx Chicken Version
Kabam8Davy Jones' Locker Portal_60.gifDavy's Key.png
Davy Jones' Locker
Build #123.4.0
Beachzone Portal_60.pngBeachzone Key.png
Build 123.4.4
Mad Lab Portal_60.pngLab Key.png
Mad Lab
Build #123.5.0
10Treasure Cave Portal_60.pngTreasure Map.png
Cave of A Thousand Treasures
Build #124.0(v1.0)
Candyland Portal_60.pngCandy Key
Candyland Hunting Grounds
Build #3.0
11Haunted Cemetery Portal_60.pngCemetery Key.png
Haunted Cemetery
Build #5.0.0
20131Cloth Bazaar Portal_60.png
Cloth Bazaar
Build #9.0.0
2Lair of Draconis Portal_60.gifDraconis Key.png
Lair of Draconis
Build #11.0.0 > Build #22.0.0
2Lair of Draconis Portal_60.pngDraconis Key.png
Consolation of Draconis
Build #11.1.0
3Pet Yard Portal_60.png
Pet Yard
Build #12.0.0
5Forest Maze Portal_60.pngForest Maze Key.png
Forest Maze
Build #13.2.0
6Arena Portal_60.png
Build #14.0.0
8Deadwater Docks Portal_60.pngDeadwater Docks Key.png
Deadwater Docks
Build #16.0
Woodland Labyrinth Portal_60.pngWoodland Labyrinth Key.png
Woodland Labyrinth
The Crawling Depths Portal_60.pngThe Crawling Depths Key.png
The Crawling Depths
9Battle Nexus Portal_60.pngBattle Nexus Key.png
Battle for the Nexus
Build #16.4.0
12The Shatters Portal_60.pngShatters Key.png
The Shatters
Build #18.0.0
20142Belladonna's Garden Portal_60.pngBella's Key.png
Belladonna's Garden
Build #19.2.0
4Shaitan's Portal_60.pngShaitan's Key2.png
Lair of Shaitan
Build #20.0.1
6Lair of Draconis Portal_60.gifDraconis Key.png
Lair of Draconis
Build #22.0.0
8Daily Quest Portal_60.gif
Daily Quest Portal
Build #23.0.0
9Puppet Theatre Portal_60.pngTheatre Key.png
Puppet Master's Theatre
Build #24.0.0
11Court of Oryx_60.png
Court of Oryx
Build #26.0.0
12Ice Cave Portal_60.pngIce Cave Key.png
Ice Cave
Build #27.0.0
Deca Games201610The Hive Portal_60.pngThe Hive Key.png
The Hive
Build #27.7.X6
Toxic Sewers Portal_60.pngToxic Sewers Key.png
Toxic Sewers
Puppet Master's Encore Portal_60.pngPuppet Master's Encore Key.png
Puppet Master's Encore
10Haunted Cemetery Portal_60.pngHalloween Cemetery Key.png
Halloween Haunted Cemetery
Build #27.7.X7
12Dungeon Portal_60.png
Oryx's Castle Winter Version
Build #27.7.X9
Ice Tomb Portal_60.pngIce Tomb Key.png
Ice Tomb
Build #27.7.XMAS
20173Rainbow Portal_60.pngSt. Patricks Key.png
Rainbow Road
Build #27.7.X11.1
4Mountain Temple Portal_60.pngMountain Temple Key.png
Mountain Temple 1st Wing
Build #27.7.X13
7The Nest Portal_60.pngNest Key.png
The Nest
Build #X.15.1.0
8Lost Halls Portal_60.pngLost Halls Key.png
Lost Halls
Build #X.16.0.0
Cultist Hideout_60.pngCult Key.png
Cultist Hideout?
Vial of Pure Darkness.pngVoid Key.png
The Void?
10Parasite Chambers Portal_60.pngParasite Chambers Key.png
Parasite Chambers
Build #X18.0.0
Future?Dungeon Portal_60.png
Goblin Lair?