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(2006) <a href="">DO THE [email protected] by Ethan Iverson</a>
(2003) <a href="">Jazz Times by Nate Chinen</a>
(2005) <a href=""> by Bill Beuttler</a>
(2006) <a href="">MPR News by Karl Gehrke </a>
(2008) <a href="">SMH by Alex Tibbitts</a>
(2009) <a href="">All About Jazz by Eric Benson</a>
(2009) <a href="">NYMag by Martin Johnson </a>
(2010) <a href="">NPR by Clay Patrick McBride</a>
(2010) <a href="">PBS by Jeffrey Brown</a>
(2012) <a href="">Smithsonian by Joann Stevens</a>
(2012) <a href="">Jazz Times by Giovanni Russonello</a>
(2014) <a href="">All About Jazz by Franz Matzner</a>
(2014) <a href="">Film Music Magazine by Daniel Schweiger</a>
(2014) <a href="">Arts Fuse by Bill Marx</a>
(2014) <a href="">CSO Sounds & Stories by Jack Zimmerman</a>
(2014) <a href="">No Depression by Kevin Lynch</a>
(2015) <a href="">Time Out by Hank Shteamer</a>
(2015) <a href="">The Vinyl Factory by Anton Spice</a>
(2015) <a href="">Walker Art Center by Camille Erickson</a>
(2015) <a href="">Blue Note Tokyo by 柳樂光隆</a>
(2015) <a href="">Variety by Steve Chagollan</a>
(2016) <a href="">Knight Foundation by Fernando Gonzalez </a>
(2016) <a href="">A Creative DC by Savannah Harris</a>
(2017) <a href="">Washington Post by Fred Kaplan</a>
(2017) <a href="">Chicago Tribune by Howard Reich</a>
(2017) <a href="">Dublin Jazz by Dominic Reilly </a>
(2017) <a href="">The Daily Beast by Alicia Hall Moran</a>
(2017) <a href="">Bandcamp by Phil Freeman</a>
(2017) <a href="">The New York Times by Giovanni Russonello</a>
(2017) <a href="">JazzEd Magazine by Bryan Reesman</a>
(2017) <a href="">CD Journal by 佐藤英輔</a>
(2012) <a href="">Jazz Times by Thomas Conrad</a>
(2009) <a href=""> by Ted Panken</a>
(2008) <a href=""> by Ted Panken</a>
(2008) <a href="">NPR by Sara Fishko</a>
(2013) <a href="">The Mercury News by Richard Scheinin</a>