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relative complement

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Definition Edit

  • Let S and X be sets.
  • The ablolute complement of a set S, written 〜S, is imgtex.fcgi?%5bres=100%5d%7b%5c%5b%20%5c%7bx%5c%20%7c%5c%20x%5cnotin%20S%5c%7d%20%5c%5d%7d%25.png.
  • The relative complement of S with respect to X is X ⋂ (〜S), or simply X〜S.

Reference Edit

  • Kelley, John L.,General topology. 2nd ed. (English) [B] Graduate Texts in Mathematics. 27. New York - Heidelberg - Berlin: Springer-Verlag. XIV, 298 p (1975).