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j.a.m.Dance Theatrei photo
photo:Ayako Abe

Contact Information / Management, Members

The main activity base: Osaka
address: #505, 1-4-1Eiwa, Higashi-Osaka-shi, Osaka 577-0809 JAPAN
TEL: +81 (0) 6-6723-8088
FAX: +81 (0) 6-6723-8088
Director:Mayuko Aihara
Choreographer:Mayuko Aihara
Members:Jun Morii, Harumi Kumada, Yoko Imada, Tamotsu Suemoto
Management:j.a.m. Dance Theatre

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j.a.m.Dance Theatre was formed in 2002 by performing arts graduates of Kinki University, and sculptor Tamotsu Suemoto.
They performed at the Yokohama Solo×Duo<Competition>, NEXT NEXT4, KAVC Challenge Theater, dB physical Arts Festival "Osaka BABA", and other events in Kansai area as well as in Tokyo and Yokohama.
Since 2005, they have been chosen as a residential artist for AI HALL "Take a chance project", to be given opportunities to create new pieces.
They have also been invited to perform at dance festivals in other countries such as Korea and Portugal.
Concepts and Goals
Living in the moment, taking care to pay attention to one's own senses, creating works which spark imagination in the audience and those involved in the production.
Future Plans
To tour overseas, and create and perform works with artists from various genres (at various places, including non-traditional locations like parks, etc.).

Currently Available Performamce Works
Play of the programs video

    Number of performers:Two PerformersRequired stage area:7 x 7 metersPerformance fee:Negotiable
    Number of performers:Four PerformersRequired stage area:7 x 7 metersPerformance fee:Negotiable

Workshops and Other Activities

  • Contemporary Class: Course based on the Release Technique, designed to heighten body awareness and expressive sensibility through exercises and sequences that focus on each part of the body.
    Participant age, experience or other prerequisites, if any:Open to beginners to advanced
    Capacity:25 participants
  • Contact Workshop: Workshop for directing one's consciousness towards the acceptance of others, employing both dance and non-dance methods.
    Participant age, experience or other prerequisites, if any:Open to actors and dancers(From elementary school student and up)
    Capacity:20 participants