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Paintstorm Studioについて Edit

Paintstorm Studio(ペイントストームスタジオ)は多彩なブラシと高いカスタマイズ性を搭載したペイントソフトです。

最新アップデート Edit

2.10 (2017.11/16)

  • Bluetooth keyboards support added
  • You can set hotkeys in Menu-> File-> Define Hotkeys. Note: iOS modifiers Alt, Cmd, Shift, Ctrl cannot be set as hotkeys separately from other keys.
    To set the hotkeys of the sliders, press «Enter» and click the desired slider.
  • Now Paintstorm keeps all the open documents when you shut it down. And the next time you start, the all the documents will be automatically restored.
  • «Question mark» button is added to the upper right corner. Click it to activate the Tooltips mode. After that, you can click different interface elements, read their description and get some useful tips.
  • New «Refine Edge» featured added for selection. Now you can expand, feather and smooth out the selected area.
  • «Lasso» tool improved:
    «Stabilizer» slider added for the lasso for more accurate selection. The edge of the selection became smoother.
    «Auto action» option added for the lasso. It can be used to perform actions after the selection automatically: Fill, Gradient, Delete.
  • «Color wheel» can now be dragged to the Custom panels.
    If you hold the corresponding hot-button, the "Custom 1" panel will move to the mouse pointer and become a transparent background and when release, it will return back.
  • «Brushes history» added. Enable it in the «Brushes» panel settings
  • «Rulers» improved.
    Ruler states can now be saved / loaded.
    You can choose the color of the lines: gray, RGB or the custom color.
    Holding ALT + R (by default) you can highlight all ruler states and quickly select the one you want.
    For the 2-points and 3-points perspective, a point is added that can be used to rotate the horizon.
    An ability to «disable the following rulers» added
  • The parameters of the H, S, B - brush have been slightly changed. Now the sliders can be moved in both directions for a more accurate distribution of random values
  • «Place image» feature added to Menu-> File to import the image to the current document.
  • You can now change the cursor type between Arrow, Point and Cross in Menu-> File-> Options-> Cursors. There you can choose the «Brush Drag resize" tool mode as well
  • You can set the selected preset as a default in the «New File» panel. After the relaunch, a new canvas will be created of the new default size
  • A new «Lines width» slider added for guides, rulers, helpers, etc. to Menu-> File-> Options-> Main


APP情報 Edit

サポート:iOS10.0以降 iPad対応
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