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Your mission was interrupted by a catastrophic explosion that seems to have originated in the auburn industrial district of fairport.
The extent of the damage is impossible to estimate.The fate of your team is a mystery.


Doctor?:...eyes are still dilating. He's reacting to the meds...

Check the dosage ... this shouldn't be happening.

assistant?:If that doesn't work?

Aristide:what's going on Dr.York?

York:One moment...Hold the lidocaine and check his pressure.
Damn it,grab the crash cart.

He could be in v-fib. Charge to 200,no,no,make that 300.


Y:He's alive, but we're mobing too fast. We need to...

A:Just get it done.

Y:That did it... Stand by with that morphine ...4megs.

A:Where are we at Dr.York?

Y:He's tachycardic ... we need to stabilize before progressing.

A:There's no time.

Y:He's unstable. Progressing now would be a mistake.You're putting...

A:We have no choice Dr.York. Continue.

Y:Okay. Set to 300...  You'll feel a little
わかりました,300にセット… 少し痛むぞ… 今だ.


Stokes:Does anyone read me,over? I'm getting a lot of interference.
Griffin:Stokes!Thank GOD. Where are you?
S:Looking for a goddamn exit, but half the doors are barricaded.
G:What about the others?
S:I've got a faint read on you and Becket. No trace of anybody else.
Colonel vanek,this is samuels.Look like we've got another soldier loose the recovery wing.
V:Shit!You!Stay there !
A:Sergeant Becket!Thank god you're okay! I'm sure you have a lot of questions.
I'll explain everything later.Right now we need to get you to the T.A.C lab.
Hurry!And Be careful! Vanek's men are attacking the facility. I can't believe he'd go to this extreme to cover up evidence...
?:Careful,SGT.Becket.You're about to stumble into an ambush.
S:This is a secure channel! Identify yourself.
He must be monitoring us on the security cameras.
one:How much of this junk we gonna burn?
another:All of it. Every file,every disc,every hard drive. They aren't taking any chances.
?:V e r y w e l l d o n e . I see why they picked you. (何故かここ規制入り)
S:Who the hell are you?
?:You can call me... Snake Fist.
S:Snake Fist?...Are you fucking kidding me?
Snake Fist:Hey, I don't know who else is listening and i'm not taking any chances.
You people need to get out of there.
one:The target's in the elevator.Shut it down now!
Get those doors open. ...And get a squad up on three.
G:I think I'm getting close to the lobby,but there's some kind of activity.I'm gonna check it out.
S:Say agein,over.Do you copy? Shit.
S:Becket,I'm here with Genevieve Alistide.We're on our way to the T.A.C. lab.See you there!
Aristide says we were all banged up pretty bad when they brought us in,but sounds like you got the worst of it.
She was surprised to see you on your feet.
Fox:This is fox. Anybody reading me?
I hear somebody crying...Sounds like a woman. I'm gonna check it out.
S:Man,am I glad to see you!
A:Come on,we don't have much time! Into the chamber,hurry!
S:Doc,this thing isn't going to sterilize him or anything,right?
A:That would be the least of my concerns.Hold still.It won't take long.
S:Get down!
A:We can't leave him! Not now...
S:No choice! We gotta go!
Get out of there Becket!Head back the way you came.See if there's another way around.
Just get your ass back here ASAP...and in one piece! I'll hold'em off as lon as I can.
Vanek:Good morning,Chickpea.
you must be part of Project Harbinger.Only way to explain why aristide wouldn't brought you here.
soldier:Commander,we spotted them heading for the main entrance.
V:Roger that. On my way.Don't let them escape.
Samuels,finish up here...this sucker's not goin' anywhere.
S:Becket,I can't find aristide! She must've panicked and run off...Keep your eyes open for her!

interval2 is end...