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Definitnion Edit

  • A topological space (X,τ) is said to be R_D if for x in X, imgtex.fcgi?%5bres=100%5d%7b%5c%5b%20%5coverline%7b%5c%7bx%5c%7d%7d%5ccap%5chat%7b%5c%7bx%5c%7d%7d=%5c%7bx%5c%7d%20%5c%5d%7d%25.png implies that imgtex.fcgi?%5bres=100%5d%7b%5c%5b%20%5c%7bx%5c%7d'=%5coverline%7b%5c%7bx%5c%7d%7d%5csetminus%5c%7bx%5c%7d%20%5c%5d%7d%25.png is closed. Here, imgtex.fcgi?%5bres=100%5d%7b%5c%5b%20%5chat%7b%5c%7bx%5c%7d%7d%20%5c%5d%7d%25.png is the intersection of all open sets containing x.

Property Edit

Reference Edit

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