The Brain Club 2008 Second Half

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2008 Second half: October 2008-March 2009

1st(#188) :2008/10/3(Fri): Journal Club

  • Priming from novel masked stimuli depends on target set size
    Andrea Kiesel, Wilfried Kunde, Carsten Pohl, and Joachim Hoffmann
    Advances in Cognitive Psychology 2(1), 37-45. (2006) [Abstract], [PDF]
    Report M. Kato
  • Embodying Emotion
    Paula M. Niedenthal
    Science 316, 1002-1005. (2007) [Abstract]
    Report T. Sudo
  • Investigating Action Understanding: Inferential Processes versus Action Simulation
    Marcel Brass, Ruth M. Schmitt, Stephanie Spengler, and György Gergely
    Current Biology 17, 2117-2121. (2007) [Abstract]
    Report T. Sudo
  • Automatic Mental Associations Predict Future Choices of Undecided Decision-Makers
    Silvia Galdi, Luciano Arcuri, and Bertram Gawronski
    Science 321, 1100-1102. (2008) [Abstract]
    Report T. Sekine

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2nd(#189) :2008/10/17(Fri): Doctoral Thesis Presentation & Journal Club

  • Mechanism of Perceptual Categorization in the Pre-Linguistic Period
    Tamami SUDO and Ken MOGI
    IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems E91-D(6), 1649-1655. (2008) [Abstract]
    Presentation T. Sudo
  • Early cortical specialization for face-to-face communication in human infants
    Tobias Grossmann, Mark H. Johnson, Sarah Lloyd-Fox, Anna Blasi, Fani Deligianni, Clare Elwell, and Gergely Csibra
    Proceedings of the Royal Society B doi:10.1098/rspb.2008.0986 (2008) [Abstract], [PDF]
    Report T. Takano

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3rd(#190) :2008/10/24(Fri): Discussion & Experiments

Some lab. members carried out experiments and the others discussed for the upcoming conference, the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience.

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4th(#191) :2008/11/1(Sat): Progress Report in Shibuya

About half of the lab. members got together in a conference room in Shibuya and reported their ongoing results and discussed the future research.

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5th-8th(#192-195) :2008/11/5(Wed),7(Fri),10(Mon),13(Thu): Discussion for SfN

We prepared posters and slides for the upcoming conference.

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[Conference] :November 15-19, 2008: Neuroscience 2008

We attended the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience in Washington, DC.

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9th(#196) :2008/11/28(Fri): Journal Club

  • Experiencing Physical Warmth Promotes Interpersonal Warmth
    Lawrence E. Williams1 and John A. Bargh
    Science 322, 606-607. (2008) [Abstract]
    Report T. Haruna
  • Keeping Doors Open: The Effect of Unavailability on Incentives to Keep Options Viable
    Jiwoong Shin and Dan Ariely
    Management Science 50(5), 575-586. (2004) [Abstract], [PDF]
    Report T. Ishikawa

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10th(#197) :2008/12/1(Mon): Discussion

All lab. member worked on their papers.

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11th(#198) :2008/12/5(Fri): Journal Club

  • Infants' Perseverative Search Errors Are Induced by Pragmatic Misinterpretation
    József Topál, György Gergely, Ádám Miklósi, Ágnes Erdohegyi, and Gergely Csibra
    Science 321, 1831-1834. (2008) [Abstract]
    Report A. Onzo
  • Brain strategies for reading in the second language are determined by the first language
    Tsutomu Nakada, Yukihiko Fujii, and Ingrid L. Kwee
    Neuroscience Research 40(4), 351-358. (2001) [Abstract]
    Report M. Toshima

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12th(#199) :2008/12/8(Mon): Journal Club

  • Gambl ing Urges in Pathological Gambl ing: A Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study
    Marc N. Potenza, Marvin A. Steinberg, Pawel Skudlarski, Robert K. Fulbright, Cheryl M. Lacadie, Mary K. Wilber, Bruce J. Rounsaville, John C. Gore, and Bruce E. Wexler
    Archives of General Psychiatry 60, 828-836. (2003) [Full text] [PDF]
    Report S. Nozawa
  • Dorsal anterior cingulate cortex shows fMRI response to internal and external error signals
    Clay B. Holroyd, Sander Nieuwenhuis, Nick Yeung, Leigh Nystrom, Rogier B. Mars, Michael G. H. Coles and Jonathan D Cohen
    Nature Neuroscience 7, 497-498 (2004) [Abstract] [PDF]
    Report F. Taya

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13th(#200) :2008/12/12(Fri): Guest Talk

Shigeru Ida gave us exciting talk about the history of the Earth and the evolution of life.

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14th(#201) :2008/12/18(Thu): Xmas Special

The Christmas party was held at Goten-yama. We exhibited tour de forces by turns and Herai-san won the Xmas special competition this year.

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15th(#202) :2008/12/22(Mon): Journal Club

  • Neural correlates of trust
    Frank Krueger, Kevin McCabe, Jorge Moll, Nikolaus Kriegeskorte, Roland Zahn, Maren Strenziok, Armin Heinecke, and Jordan Grafman
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 104(50), 20084-20089. (2007) [Full text] [PDF]
    Report T. Takano
  • Consciousness and Anesthesia
    Michael T. Alkire, Anthony G. Hudetz, and Giulio Tononi
    Science 322, 876-880. (2008) [Abstract]
    Report T. Yanagawa

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16th(#203) :2008/12/26(Fri): Guest Talk & Progress Report

K. Kasahara at Tokyo Metropolitan University visited our laboratory and talked for us about Diffusion Tensor Imaging.
Then T. Takano made a presentations about the relationship between "isolation" and attatchment theory.
And M. Toshima reported her ongoing study on cognitive processes of second language aquisition.

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17th(#204) :2009/1/5(Mon): Doctoral thesis presentation & Progress Report

T. Yanagawa and T. Sudo made doctoral thesis presentations at Suzukake-dai campus.
After the Ten-ten meeting(tempura lunch meeting), we did some brainstorming about the line of our investigation.

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18th(#205) :2009/1/16(Mon): Progress Report

T. Takano had a rehearsal of upcoming study proposal in the master course on attatchment and "secure base".

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19th(#206) :2009/1/19(Mon): Journal Club

  • Self in Time: Imagined Self-Location Influences Neural Activity Related to Mental Time Travel
    Shahar Arzy, Istvan Molnar-Szakacs, and Olaf Blanke
    Journal of Neuroscience 28(25), 6502-6507. (2008) [Abstract]
    Report T. Herai
  • When Do Anomalies Begin?
    Alan Lightman and Owen Gingerich
    Science 255, 690-695. (1992) [Abstract]
    Report K. Mogi
  • Political Attitudes Vary with Physiological Traits
    Douglas R. Oxley, Kevin B. Smith, John R. Alford, Matthew V. Hibbing, Jennifer L. Miller, Mario Scalora, Peter K. Hatemi, and John R. Hibbing
    Science 321, 1667-1670. (2008) [Abstract]
    Report K. Mogi
  • Neural Responses to Taxation and Voluntary Giving Reveal Motives for Charitable Donations
    William T. Harbaugh, Ulrich Mayr, and Daniel R. Burghart
    Science 316, 1622-1625. (2007) [Abstract]
    Report T. Sekine

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20th(#207) :2009/1/26(Mon): Journal Club & Progress Report

  • Odor Cues During Slow-Wave Sleep Prompt Declarative Memory Consolidation
    Björn Rasch, Christian Büchel, Steffen Gais, and Jan Born
    Science 315, 1426-1429. (2007) [Abstract]
    Report F. Tanabe

H. Takagawa talked about her master thesis and we disscussed it at large.

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21st(#208) :2009/1/28(Wed): Master Theses Debugging

M. Kato, H. Takagawa, and M. Toshima wrote their master theses at the speed of "light" and the other member fully supported them.

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22nd(#209) :2009/1/30(Fri): Debugging of Master Theses Presentation

H. Takagawa, M. Kato, and M. Toshima prepared their master thesis presentations and we discussed about them.

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23rd(#210) :2009/2/2(Mon): Rehearsal of Master Theses Presentation

M. Kato, M. Toshima, and H. Takagawa run through their master thesis presentations and we brought up what we noticed.

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24th(#211) :2009/2/9(Mon): Progress Report

T. Takayasu and M. Toshima reported their fruits of research and we discussed their study.

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25th(#212) :2009/2/16(Mon): Discussion

We discussed plans of experiments and submitted abstracts for the ASSC13.

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26th(#213) :2009/2/25(Wed): Journal Club

  • Lacking Control Increases Illusory Pattern Perception
    Jennifer A. Whitson and Adam D. Galinsky
    Science 322, 115-117. (2008) [Abstract]
    Report T. Ishikawa
  • Voodoo Correlations in Social Neuroscience
    Edward Vul, Christine Harris, Piotr Winkielman and Harold Pashler
    Perspectives on Psychological Science in press. [PDF]
    Report S. Nozawa
  • Connectivity-based segregation of the human striatum predicts personality characteristics
    Michael X Cohen, Jan-Christoph Schoene-Bake, Christian E Elger and Bernd Weber
    Nature Neuroscience 12, 32-34. (2008) [Abstract]
    Report Q. Zhang

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27th(#214) :2009/3/6(Fri): Presentation Rehearsal & Journal Club

T. Yanagawa rehearsed his Ph. D thesis presentation.

  • Looking for Myself: Current Multisensory Input Alters Self-Face Recognition
    Manos Tsakiris
    PLoS ONE 3(12), e4040. (2008) [Full text]
    Report A. Onzo
  • Increase of Universality in Human Brain during Mental Imagery from Visual Perception
    Joydeep Bhattacharya
    PLoS ONE 4(1), e4121. (2009) [Full text]
    Report E. Hoshino

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28th(#215) :2009/3/12(Thu): Journal Club

  • The posterior superior temporal sulcus is involved in social communication not specific for the eyes.
    Simone Materna, Peter W. Dickea and Peter Thier
    Neuropsychologia 46(11), 2759-2765. (2008) [Abstract]
    Report T. Takano

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[Camp] :March 19-20: Spring Study Camp

We went to the spring study camp held at Manazuru and Atami, Izu.

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29th(#216) :2009/3/27(Fri): Presentation Rehearsal & Farewell Party

T. Herai reharsed to make a presentation at the upcomming Ph.D. candidate seminar.
Then we gave a farewell party in our favorite izakaya, Asari for almuni.

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