The Brain Club Archive 2009 First Half

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2009 First half: April 2009-September 2009

[Runup] :2009/4/2(Thu): Cherry Blossom Party

Ohanami, cherry blossom party was held at Ueno park.
We enjoyed viewing the beautiful cherry blossom, drinking water of life,
and chatting on various topics from neuroscience to love.

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1st(#217) :2009/4/3(Fri): Lunch Meeting

We had a lunch meeting at Korean Homemade Dishes near our laboratory.

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2nd(#218) :2009/4/10(Fri): Journal Club

  • Impairment of actions chains in autism and its possible role in intention understanding.
    Cattaneo L, Fabbri-Destro M, Boria S, Pieraccini C, Monti A, Cossu G, and Rizzolatti G.
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 104(45), 17825-30. (2007) [Abstract]
    Report T. Sudo
  • Evolutionary Explanations for Cooperation
    West SA, Griffin AS, and Gardner A.
    Current Biology 17(16), R661-72. (2007) [Abstract], [PDF]
    Report T. Yanagawa
  • Brief subjective durations contract with repetition.
    Pariyadath V, and Eagleman DM.
    Journal of Vision 8(16)11, 1-6. (2008) [Abstract], [PDF]
    Report T. Herai

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3rd(#219) :2009/4/21(Tue): Journal Club

  • EEG evidence for mirror neuron dysfunction in autism spectrum disorders.
    Oberman LM, Hubbard EM, McCleery JP, Altschuler EL, Ramachandran VS, and Pineda JA.
    Cognitive Brain Research 24(2), 190-198. (2005) [Abstract] [PDF]
    Report F. Taya
  • Mirror-Induced Behavior in the Magpie (Pica pica): Evidence of Self-Recognition
    Helmut Prior, Ariane Schwarz, and Onur Güntürkün
    PLoS Biollogy 6(8), e202. (2008) [Full text], [PDF]
    Report K. Mogi

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4th(#220) :2009/5/1(Fri): Guest Talk & Journal Club

  • Yoko Nobukuni visited our laboratory and gave a presentation about Art and Consciousness.
  • Mesmerizing memories: brain substrates of episodic memory suppression in posthypnotic amnesia.
    Mendelsohn A, Chalamish Y, Solomonovich A, and Dudai Y.
    Neuron 57(1), 159-170. (2008) [Abstract]
    Report F. Tanabe
  • The role of interword spacing in reading Japanese: An eye movement study.
    Sainio, M, Hyona, J, Bingushi, K. and Bertram, R.
    Vision Research 47, 2575-2584. (2007) [Abstract]
    Report M. Toshima

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5th(#221) :2009/5/8(Fri): Journal Club & Guest Talk

  • Takashi Ikegami at Tokyo university came to talk about oil droplet, autonomy, and autopoiesis.
  • Know thyself: behavioral evidence for a structural representation of the human body.
    Rusconi E, Gonzaga M, Adriani M, Braun C, and Haggard P.
    PLoS ONE 4(5), e5418. (2009) [Full text]
    Report T. Ishikawa
  • Random number generation in neglect patients reveals enhanced response stereotypy, but no neglect in number space.
    Loetscher T. and Brugger P.
    Neuropsychologia 47(1), 276-279. (2009) [Abstract]
    Report S. Nozawa

6th(#222) :2009/5/15(Fri): Journal Club & Guest Talk

  • Yuki Sato at Tokyo university visited us and talked about his master thesis, in which an arm and two impellers are simulated and body image extention was discussed.
  • Two hierarchically organized neural systems for object information in human visual cortex.
    Christina S Konen and Sabine Kastner
    Nature Neuroscience 11(2), 224-231. (2008) [abstract]
    Report E. Hoshino


7th(#223) :2009/5/22(Fri): Journal Club & Guest Talk

  • When Your Gain Is My Pain and Your Pain Is My Gain: Neural Correlates of Envy and Schadenfreude
    Hidehiko Takahashi, Motoichiro Kato, Masato Matsuura, Dean Mobbs, Tetsuya Suhara, and Yoshiro Okubo
    Science 323, 937-939. (2009) [abstract]
    Report T. Takano
  • Dr. Naoyuki Hironaka visited our laboratory and made an exciting presentation about psychopharmacology and neurobiology of addictive behavior.

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8th(#224) :2009/6/5(Fri): Journal Club

  • Decision-related activity in sensory neurons reflects more than a neuron's causal effect
    Hendrikje Nienborg and Bruce G. Cumming
    Nature 459, 89-92. (2009) [abstract]
    Report Q. Zhang
  • Mirror Neurons Differentially Encode the Peripersonal and Extrapersonal Space of Monkeys
    Vittorio Caggiano, Leonardo Fogassi, Giacomo Rizzolatti, Peter Thier, and Antonino Casile
    Science 324, 403-406. (2009) [abstract]
    Report A. Onzo
  • Movement Intention After Parietal Cortex Stimulation in Humans
    Michel Desmurget, Karen T. Reilly, Nathalie Richard, Alexandru Szathmari, Carmine Mottolese, and Angela Sirigu
    Science 324, 811-813. (2009) [abstract]
    Report T. Sekine

9th(#225) :2009/6/10(Wed): Special Meeting at Takemura

We ran the special Takemura seminar. We enjoyed Japanese sweets and discussion.

10th(#226) :2009/6/19(Fri): Journal Club

  • Having a body versus moving your body: How agency structures body-ownership
    Manos Tsakirisa, Gita Prabhuc and Patrick Haggard
    Consciousness and Cognition 15(2), 423-432. (2006) [abstract], [PDF]
    Report T. Herai
  • Chimpanzees: Self-Recognition
    Gordon G. Gallup Jr.
    Science 167, 86-87. (1970) [abstract]
    Report K. Mogi

11th(#227) :2009/6/30(Fri): Farewell Lecture & Journal Club

Dr. Yanagaaw talked about his own connecting the dots, i.e., life as a researcher.

  • 'When Birds of a Feather Flock Together': Synesthetic Correspondences Modulate Audiovisual
    Integration in Non-Synesthetes.
    Parise CV and Spence C.
    PLoS ONE 4(5), e5664. (2009) [Fll text]
    Report T. Herai

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12th(#228) :2009/7/9(Thu): Guest Talk & Journal Club

Kenji Aoki had a presentation about a new perspective on visual psychophysics.

  • Odor quality coding and categorization in human posterior piriform cortex 
    Howard JD, Plailly J, Grueschow M, Haynes JD and Gottfried JA.
    Nature Neuroscience 12, 932-938. (2009) [abstract]
    Report T. Ishikawa
  • Beyond extinction: erasing human fear responses and preventing the return of fear
    Merel Kindt, Marieke Soeter and Bram Vervliet
    Nature Neuroscience 12, 256-258. (2009) [abstract]
    Report F. Tanabe

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13th(#229) :2009/7/17(Fri): Progress Report & Journal Club

Shinichi Nozawa discussed a problem of free will. Mayumi Toshima introduced a paper about the evolution of language.

  • Frequency of word-use predicts rates of lexical evolution throughout Indo-European history.
    Pagel M, Atkinson QD and Meade A.
    Nature 449, 717-720. (2007) [abstract]
    Report M. Toshima

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14th(#230) :2009/7/31(Fri): Journal Club

  • Sensory and affective judgments of skin during inter- and intrapersonal touch. 
    Guest S, Essick G, Dessirier JM, Blot K, Lopetcharat K and McGlone F.
    Acta Psychologica 130(2), 115-126. (2009) [abstract]
    Report T. Takano

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15th(#231) :2009/8/10(Mon): Journal Club

  • Duration matters: dissociating neural correlates of detection and evaluation of
    social gaze. 
    Kuzmanovic B, Georgescu AL, Eickhoff SB, Shah NJ, Bente G, Fink GR, Vogeley K.
    Neuroimage 46(4):1154-63. (2009) [abstract]
    Report A. Onzo

16th(#232) :2009/8/17(Mon): Journal Club

  • Eiichi Hoshino reviewed gustation and three hypotheses of representation of five elementary tastes.
  • Keeping in touch with one's self: multisensory mechanisms of self-consciousness.
    Aspell JE, Lenggenhager B, Blanke O.
    PLoS One 4(8):e6488. (2009) [Full Text]
    Report K. Mogi
  • Blue or red? Exploring the effect of color on cognitive task performances.
    Mehta R, Zhu RJ.
    Science 323:1226-9. (2009) [abstract]
    Report T. Sekine

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17th(#233) :2009/8/21(Fri): Special Guest Seminar

Dr. Omata gave us an introductory seminar about simultaneous recording of EEG and fMRI. He lectured us on the relationship between sleep and alpha band power. Then he explained the principle of BOLD signal processing: how to combine the hemodynamic response function and convolution.

18th(#234) :2009/8/26(Wed): Guest Talk & Journal Club

  • Dr. Ishizu visited our laboratory and gave us the farewell lecture on imaging study of body recognition, especially concerning Extrastriate Body Area (EBA).
  • A key role for similarity in vicarious reward.
    Mobbs D, Yu R, Meyer M, Passamonti L, Seymour B, Calder AJ, Schweizer S, Frith CD, Dalgleish T.
    Science 324, 900. (2009) [abstract]
    Report T. Ishikawa
  • Spontaneous confabulators fail to suppress currently irrelevant memory traces.
    Schnider A, Ptak R.
    Nature Neuroscience 2(7), 677-681. (1999) [abstract]
    Report F. Tanabe

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19th(#235) :2009/9/17(Thu): Journal Club

  • Representation of internal models of action in the autistic brain.
    Haswell CC, Izawa J, R Dowell L, H Mostofsky S, Shadmehr R.
    Nature Neurosci 12(8), 970-972. (2009) [abstract]
    Report S. Nozawa
  • Perineuronal nets protect fear memories from erasure
    Nadine Gogolla, Pico Caroni, Andreas Lüthi, Cyril Herry
    Science 325, 1258-61 (2009) [abstract]
    Report Q. Zhang
  • Biological abnormality of impaired reading is constrained by culture
    Siok WT, Perfetti CA, Jin Z, Tan LH
    Nature 431, 71-6 (2004) [abstract]
    Report M. Toshima

20th(#236) :2009/9/25(Fri): Journal Club

  • Eye-contact, Distance and Affiliation.
    Argyle M, Dean J.
    Sociometry 28, 289-304 (1965) [abstract]
    Report A. Onzo
  • What Does Doodling do?
    Andrade J.
    Applied Cognitive Psychology (2009) [abstract]
    Report T. Sekine

21st(#237) :2009/9/30(Wed): Guest Talk & Journal Club

  • Yuta Chikauchi gave us a lucid explanation about the concepts of Set theory, Group theory, Vector space, Metric space and Manifold.
  • Wild chimpanzees exchange meat for sex on a long-term basis.
    Gomes CM, Boesch C.
    PLoS One 4(4), e5116. (2009) [Full text]
    Report E. Hoshino