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2015 Second half: October 2015- March 2016

1st(#465) :2015/10/09(Fri): Research Talk & Discussion

  • Discussion for the presentation @ SfN
    Research Talk T. Sudo
  • Two-dimensional visual statistical learning.
    Research Talk E. Hoshino

2nd(#466) :2015/10/23(Fri): Journal Club & Research Talk

  • Polygenic risk scores for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder predict creativity.
    Power RA, Steinberg S, Bjornsdottir G, Rietveld CA, Abdellaoui A, Nivard MM, Johannesson M, Galesloot TE, Hottenga JJ, Willemsen G, Cesarini D, Benjamin DJ, Magnusson PK, Ullén F, Tiemeier H, Hofman A, van Rooij FJ, Walters GB, Sigurdsson E, Thorgeirsson TE, Ingason A, Helgason A, Kong A, Kiemeney LA, Koellinger P, Boomsma DI, Gudbjartsson D, Stefansson H, Stefansson K.
    Nat Neurosci. 18(7):953-5. (2015) [Abstract]
    Report T. Ishikawa
  • Attachment theory
    Research Talk T. Takano

3rd(#467) :2015/11/06(Fri): Journal Club & Research Talk @ Tokyo University of the Arts

  • The social psychology of false confessions: Compliance, internalization, and confabulation.
    Kassin SM, Kiechel KL
    Psychological Scinece 7(3):125-128. (1996)
    Report A. Onzo
  • Report of ASCONE2015 (Autumn School for Computational Neuroscience)
    Research Talk M. Toshima

4th(#468) :2015/11/20(Fri): Journal Club

  • Mirror self-recognition: a review and critique of attempts to promote and engineer self-recognition in primates.
    Anderson JR, Gallup GG Jr
    Primates. 56(4):317-26. (2015)
    Report K. Mogi

5th(#469) :2015/12/04(Fri): Journal Club

  • Where do you know what you know? The representation of semantic knowledge in the human brain.
    Patterson K, Nestor PJ, Rogers TT.
    Nat Rev Neurosci. 8(12):976-87. (2007)
    Report E. Hoshino

6th(#470) :2015/12/16(Wed): Xmas Special

  • We held an annual special seminar and enjoyed the Brain club Xmas party,

7th(#471) :2015/12/18(Fri): Journal Club & Research Talk

  • Intrinsic medial temporal lobe connectivity relates to individual differences in episodic autobiographical remembering.
    Sheldon S, Farb N, Palombo DJ, Levine B.
    Cortex (2015)
    Report T. Takano
  • Perception and False alarm.
    Research Talk T. Ishikawa

8th(#472) :2016/01/08(Fri): Journal Club & Research Talk

  • Can This Man Make AI More Human?
    W Knight.
    MIT Technology Review (2015)
    [Full Text]
    Report M. Toshima
  • Discussion for the lecture @ Waseda University.
    Research Talk A. Onzo

9th(#473) :2016/01/19(Fri): Research Talk & Journal Club

  • Objects and categories: feature statistics and object processing in the ventral stream.
    Tyler LK, Chiu S, Zhuang J, Randall B, Devereux BJ, Wright P, Clarke A, Taylor KI.
    J Cogn Neurosci 25(10):1723-35. (2013) [Abstract]
    Research talk E. Hoshino
  • Consciousness: here, there and everywhere?
    Tononi G, Koch C.
    Philos Trans R Soc Lond B Biol Sci 370(1668). pii: 20140167. (2015) [Abstract]
    Report K. Mogi

10th(#474) :2016/02/01(Mon): Research Talk & Journal Club

  • Dimorphous Expressions of Positive Emotion Displays of Both Care and Aggression in Response to Cute Stimuli.
    Arag OR, Clark MS, Dyer RL, Bargh JA.
    Psychol Sci. 26(3):259-73. (2015)
    [Full Text]
    Report T.Takano
  • Computational rationality: A converging paradigm for intelligence in brains, minds, and machines.
    Gershman SJ, Horvitz EJ, Tenenbaum JB.
    Science. 349(6245):273-8. (2015)
    [Full Text]
    Research Talk T. Ishikawa

11th(#475) :2016/02/05(Fri): Research Talk & Journal Club @ Tsurumi

  • Reading a suspenseful literary text activates brain areas related to social cognition and predictive inference.
    Lehne M, Engel P, Rohrmeier M, Menninghaus W, Jacobs AM, Koelsch S.
    PLoS One. 10(5):e0124550. (2015)
    [Full Text]
    Report M. Toshima
  • On the limits of recursively self-improving AGI.
    Yampolskiy RV
    Artificial General Intelligence 394-403. (2015)
    [Full Text]
    Research Talk K. Mogi

12th(#476) :2016/02/12(Fri): Research Talk & Journal Club

  • The invisible hand illusion: multisensory integration leads to the embodiment of a discrete volume of empty space.
    Guterstam A, Gentile G, Ehrsson HH.
    J Cogn Neurosci. 25(7):1078-99. (2013)
    [Full Text]
  • Illusory ownership of an invisible body reduces autonomic and subjective social anxiety responses.
    Guterstam A, Abdulkarim Z, Ehrsson HH.
    Sci Rep. 5:9831. (2015)
    [Full Text]
    Research Talk T. Sudo
  • Observation of gravitational waves from a binary black hole merger.
    LIGO Scientific Collaboration and Virgo Collaboration
    Pysical Reciew Letters (2016)
    Report T. Ishikawa

13th(#477) :2016/02/26(Fri): Journal Club

  • Cognitive fatigue influences students' performance on standardized tests.
    Sievertsen HH, Gino F, Piovesan M.
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. pii: 201516947. (2016)
    [Full Text]
  • The angry brain: neural correlates of anger, angry rumination, and aggressive personality.
    Denson TF, Pedersen WC, Ronquillo J, Nandy AS.
    J Cogn Neurosci. 21(4):734-44. (2009)
    [Full Text]
    Report A. Onzo
  • Human-level concept learning through probabilistic program induction.
    Lake BM, Salakhutdinov R, Tenenbaum JB.
    Science. 350(6266):1332-8. (2015)
    Report E. Hoshino

14th(#478) :2016/03/04(Fri): Guest Talk & Research Talk

  • Rika Okamoto at the Graduate University for Advanced Studies (SOKENDAI) visited us and gave a presentation about her study.
  • Amygdala and social cognition.
    Research Talk T. Takano

15th(#479) :2016/03/18(Fri): Journal Club & Research Talk

  • Context Odor Presentation during Sleep Enhances Memory in Honeybees.
    Zwaka, H., Bartels, R., Gora, J., Franck, V., Culo, A., Götsch, M., Menzel, R.
    Curr Biol. 25(21):2869-74. (2015)
    Report T. Ishikawa
  • Uncharted: Big data as a lens on human culture.
    Aiden, E., & Michel, J. B. (2013)
    [Book Information]
    Reserch Talk M. Toshima

16th(#480) :2016/03/25(Fri): Journal Club & Research Talk

  • Three Processing Stages of Memory
    Research Talk E. Hoshino
  • Towards Super-Human Artificial Intelligence in Go by Further Improvements of AlphaGo.
    Raiko, T. (2016)
    [Full Text]
    Report K. Mogi