Tomomitsu Herai

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Hello Herai dayo! [star]

My interests

  • the relation between subjective time and neural dynamics
  • consciousness
  • intuition
  • etc!
    I am investigating the cognitive process of subjective time perception in the context of sensori-motor contingency.


  • Herai, T. & Mogi, K. (2010)
    "Effect of Numeric Order on Subjective Duration of Following Stimulus." [Abstract]
    Australian Journal of Intelligent Information Processing Systems, Vol 11, No 3 (2010): Computational Neuroscience and Brain Computer Interface
  • Herai, T. & Mogi, K. (2009)
    "Shared Temporal Accuracy of Action Execution and Sensory Perception."[PDF]
    The Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society, 2009
  • Herai, T. & Mogi, K. (2008)
    "Effect of Agency on Perceived Timing of Audiovisual Stimuli." [Abstract]
    Natural Computation, 2008. ICNC '08. Fourth International Conference