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  1. nolink<---大阪女学院短期大学と大阪女学院大学では、2004年度から新入生にiPodを配布して英語教育に活用
  2. nolink<---Chinese Podcast, too!!
    • see [[PodcastOthers] for more links on Chinesepod and EnglishPod
  3. podfeed_logo.gif<---Gooood Podcaste site, try 'Charles Kelly', or 'ESL', etc.
  4. blue_logo.gif<---Podcasting author? Podcasting and Videocasting: free storage of 500 MB, 7.5 GB monthly downloads
  5. nolink<---Japan Considered Podcast - Weekly programs of analysis and commentary on Japan’s domestic politics and foreign relations - Good for social science students.

Links to post

  • feed2podcastbutton.jpg<---Pod feeder site, but Audio on this site is text-to-speech robot reading, Click 'Listen Now' icon to see the menu of audio files. -- myasuda 2006-04-17 (月) 23:44:52
  • nolink<-Organic Chemistry class lectures delivered via WebCT, Podcast, Vodcast, at Drexel University -- myasuda 2006-04-18 (火) 04:29:15
  • nolink<---BBC -Listen to "New Communications" with (script) - clicking 'subscription' on the lower left cornor will link to RSS feeder site. -- myasuda 2006-04-19 (水) 04:18:10
  • e3.jpg< abT2.gif Recommended are 1) Choosing an MP3 Player, 2) New York Times - Podcasting, (David Pogue on Podcasting - Apple's iTunes software now offers a gateway to 3,000 podcasts - audio files that can be downloaded to a portable player. But how would a technology columnist dramatically interpret them?) -- myasuda 2006-04-21 (金) 02:30:10

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