Zumba Fitness World Party

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発売日:海外2013年11月22日 日本2014年9月4日
総ポイント:1000(海外版はコンプ不可970まで 実績修正で海外版もコンプ可に、日本版とは別実績)

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'実績一覧' Edit

Join the PartyComplete your first Zumba Fitness World Party song15
Salsa ProComplete “Learn the Steps” Salsa10
Merengue ProComplete “Learn the Steps” Merengue10
Cumbia ProComplete “Learn the Steps” Cumbia10
Reggaeton ProComplete “Learn the Steps” Reggaeton10
Brazilian Funk ProComplete “Learn the Steps” Brazilian Funk10
Samba ProComplete “Learn the Steps” Samba10
Hula ProComplete “Learn the Steps” Hula10
Burlesque ProComplete “Learn the Steps” Burlesque10
Irish Dance ProComplete “Learn the Steps” Irish Dance10
Capoiera ProComplete “Learn the Steps” Capoiera10
Pop ProComplete “Learn the Steps” Pop10
Hip Hop ProComplete “Learn the Steps” Hip Hop10
Bollywood ProComplete “Learn the Steps” Bollywood10
Zumba DiplomaComplete all tutorials20
Bronze StarComplete a low intensity single song with five stars10
Silver StarComplete a medium intensity single song with five stars20
Gold StarComplete a high intensity single song with five stars30
Total DancerPlay and complete every song60
Wish you were hereEarn all postcards20
The CollectorEarn all souvenirs60
World TravellerCollect all Passport Stamps50
Bronze ClassFinish a Short Class10
Silver ClassFinish a Mid-Length Class20
Gold ClassFinish a Full-Length Class40
Zumba FanPlay Zumba Fitness World Party on at least two different days in a week30
Zumba LoverPlay Zumba Fitness World Party on at least four different days in a week40
Zumba AficionadoPlay Zumba Fitness World Party for twelve hours in a month60
Zumba Fire(旧:Shared Completer)Burn 5000 calories(旧:Complete a shared goal)30
Zumba ExpertGet above 80% technique in one song20
Zumba ProGet above 80% technique in three songs30
Zumba MasterGet above 80% technique in ten songs50
Zumba DuoComplete a Full Class with two players, except for a custom class20
Duo StarsFinish a two player song with ten Stars35
Bronze ChoreographerCreate a playlist20
Silver ChoreographerCreate two playlists30
Gold ChoreographerCreate four playlists50
LocksmithUnlock all bonus content80
Goal CompleterComplete a goal20

'詳細' Edit

※海外版はShared Completerが解除出来ずコンプ不可、国内版はShared Completerの実績がない為コンプ可能。
解除不能だったShared CompleterがZumba Fireと言う実績に差し替えられた模様。(日本版に同実績が無いのは変わらず)