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Definition Edit

Every δ-open cover has a finite subcover.

Definition 2 Edit

Let X be a topological space and let B be a cover of X. Then X is δ-compact iff every subset family N of X with the properties:

  1. for any A in B, we can pick some R in N such that A or the complement of A is contained in R
  2. if U is the topology generated by B, the U-interiors of members of N cover X
    has a finite subfamily which covers X.

Reference Edit

Definition 1
Raja Mohammad Latif, Topological Properties of δ-Open Sets, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Technical Report Series, TR409 (2009)
Definition 2
D.V.Thampuran, Nets and Compactness, Portugaliae Mathematica Vol.28(1) pp.37-54.