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almost co-compact

Last-modified: 2010-09-28 (火) 15:44:29

Definition Edit

  • A topological space X is almost co-compact if any co-open cover of X has a finite sbufamily the closures of whose members cover X.

Remark Edit

  • [Fukutake1994] Some author write "almost CO-compact".

Reference Edit

  • Abd El-Monsef, M. E.(ET-TANT) and Kozae, A. M.(ET-TANT),Remarks on $s$-closed spaces (Arabic summary), Qatar Univ. Sci. Bull. 6 (1986), 11--21.
  • T. Fukutake, On operation-paracompact spaces and products, Univ. u Novom Sadu Zb. Rad. Prirod.-Mat. Fak. Ser. Mat. 24, 2 (1994), 23-29.