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almost realcompact

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Definition Edit

A topological space X is said to be almost realcompact if every open ultrafilter U with the weak cip? has a nonempty adherence.

Property Edit

  • Every realcompact space is almost realcompact.
  • Every normal almost realcompact space is realcompact.
  • Almost realcompactness of a Tychonoff space X is equivalent to the following condition: The collection of all countable open covers of X is complete.
  • Alomost realcompactness is invariant under perfect mappings.
  • Conversely, let X be a regular space, Y an image of a perfect mapping. If Y is almost realcompact, X is also almost realcompact.
  • Every Lindeloef space is almost realcompact.
  • The topological product of an arbitrary family of almost realcompact spaces is an almost realcompact space.
  • Closed subspaces of a regular almost realcompact space are almost realcompact.
  • A Tychonoff space is almost realcompact iff every ultrafilter of regular closed sets with cip is fixed.

Remark Edit

Reference Edit

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