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An Armacham black ops team cut you off from Lt.Stokes but was inexplicably annihilated.
In the confusion,Lt.Stokes lost sight of Genevieve Aristide and is attempting to locate her while you try to find a way around.
Also,someone going by the alias "Snake Fist" has been helping you,although his motives aren't clear.


enemy:Set those charges on the supports. We're bringing this whole damn place down.
SnakeFist:Damn it,what are you still doing in that facility? They're about to blow the whole place to hell!
Stokes:Ah,SnakeFist.I was wondering when we'd hear from you again. Why are you helping us?
Sn:Because I'm convinced that if Sgt.Becket dies,everybody dies.
It all has to do with Project Harbinger.I'll explain later.Just haul ass.
one:Bierce,check in! What's going on down there? Shit,He's not responding.
another:Should we go check it out?
one:The colonel told us to wait here till he's clear of the facility.You want to disobey an order?
another:No way,MAN.
Fox:Fox here.No sign of anyone.I'm heading toward Radiology.This place ain't right.
enemy:Charge is set and armed!
Sn:Shit.Iwas afraid of this.
S:What is it no_w? (wikiの関数都合上_を挿んであります)
Sn:Alma.She must be after Sgt.Becket.
His telesthetic profile is off the charts.As I suspected,she can sense him without amplification.
S:Hey SnakeFist.Who the fuck is Alma,anyway?
Sn:She's the mother of the Apocalypse.SnakeFist out.
S:I'm at a loss for words.
Becket,I just saw aristide get into an elevator. I'm going to try to cath up to her.
Just focus on getting out of here.We can link up outside.
Jankowski:Becket...We have to help her...Can you hear?She's crying...

interval3 is end...