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使用方法: Edit


Tools: Edit



Graphics: Edit

-renderqualityレンダリングの品質を設定します。 (0-4)
-shadowdensity影の密度を設定します。 (0-16)
-texturequalityテクスチャの品質を設定します。 (0-2)
-viewdistance描画距離を設定します。 (0-99)
-detailquality描画のディティールを設定します。 (0-99)
-widthウインドウモード時のウインドウの幅を設定します。 (ex. -width 1600 )
-heightウインドウモード時のウインドウの高さを設定します。 (ex. -height 900 )
(ex. リフレッシュレートが60hzの時 -frameLimit 1 = Locks down to 60HZ)
注. モニタのサポート内の数値です (ex. -refreshrate 60)
-availablevidmem利用可能なビデオメモリの量を設定します。(ex. -availablevidmem 0.9)

Audio: Edit


System: Edit

- noBlockOnLostFocusウィンドウモードなどでGTA4以外にフォーカスが移っても画面がとまらないようにします。(Ver1.0.4.2で確認)

オリジナル Edit

Commandline Arguments

Usage: .\LaunchGTAIV.exe [options]
Where [options] are one or more of:

==== [ Global ] ====

  • adapter: Use the specified screen adapter number (zero-based)
  • disableimposters: Turn of the imposter rendering for vehicles
  • noBlockOnLostFocus: Don't block the window update when it loses focus.

==== [AUDIO] ====

  • fullspecaudio: Force high-end CPU audio footprint
  • minspecaudio: Force low-end CPU audio footprint

==== [GLOBAL] ====

  • benchmark: Determines if we run the benchmark immediately
  • safemode: Sets graphics setting to lowest setting

==== [GRAPHICS] ====

  • forcehighqualitymirrors: Enable 64 bit mirrors
  • forcer2vb: force r2vb
  • frameLimit: number of frames to limit game to
  • framelockinwindow: Force framelock to work even in a window (works best with
             60Hz monitor refresh)
  • fullscreen: Force fullscreen mode
  • gpucount: Lets you manually set the GPU count if query fails
  • height: Set height of main render window (default is 480)
  • managed: Use D3D runtime managed resources
  • nominimize: Disables the ability to restore the game from minimize and
             changing resolutions - Reduces System Memory Footprint
  • norestrictions: Do not limit graphics settings
  • noswapdelay: Disable sleep delay before Present (disable fix for hard Present
  • novblank: Disable wait for vblank
  • refreshrate: Set refresh rate of main render window
  • stereo: Set game to support stereo rendering mode
  • unmanaged: Use application managed resources
  • width: Set width of main render window (default is 640)
  • windowed: Force windowed mode

==== [INPUT] ====

  • usedirectinput: Allow DirectInput alongside XInput support.

==== [MEMORY] ====

  • availablevidmem: Percentage of available video memory
  • memrestrict: Set the restriction the amount of available memory for managed
  • no_3GB: Disable 32bit OS with /3GB
  • nomemrestrict: Do not restrict the amount of available memory for managed
  • noprecache: Do not precache resources
  • percentvidmem: Percentage of video memory to make available to GTA
  • reserve: Amount of memory to set aside for other applications
  • reservedApp: Amount of memory to leave available within application space


  • autoconfig: Automatically adjust quality setting to maintain desired frame
             rate (15-120)
  • detailquality: Set detail distance (0-99)
  • renderquality: Set anisotropic filtering (0-4)
  • shadowdensity: Set the number of lights that cast shadows
  • shadowquality: Set the shadow quality (0-4)
  • texturequality: Set texture quality (0-2)
  • viewdistance: Set LOD view distance (0-99)

==== [TIME] ====

  • notimefix: Disable Time Fix