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Last-modified: 2013-05-19 (日) 04:13:50

Bug fixes in the editor & PC runtime Edit

  • Path movement editor: crash when you want to set pause or speed for the first node of a single line.
  • Unicode version: incorrect font in the edit box that allows you to edit the content of a ComboBox object when you double click it in the frame editor.
  • PC runtime: Collision With Box was ignored on layers greater than 1 unless Handle Background Collisions Out of Window was selected.
  • PC runtime: when you modify the font of text counters at runtime, it's sometimes incorrectly modified.
  • Pinball movement could cause incorrect image display at runtime in some cases
  • Hi-Score object in Unicode version now has a new UTF-8 property like the INI object (as it also uses a .INI file)
  • The "Inactivate if too far" option is now displayed in the properties of the Active Picture object.

Bug fixes in the iOS exporter Edit

  • ForEach "part of loop" and "part of group" condition bug
  • ForEach object: crash for qualifiers
  • GameCenter: Crashed getting friends list
  • GameCenter: Crash when getting multiplayer players
  • GameCenter: Now uses the correct leaderboard category when fetching scores
  • GameCenter: Send achievements fix (again)
  • GameCenter Achievements fix (from Urban Monk)
  • GameCenter Leaderboard crash when built with the unicode version
  • Edit object: Uses border and 3D look flags (3D look gives a slightly rounded border)
  • Edit object: Forces the control to redo word-wrapping when setting text.
  • Workaround for crash in iOS 6.0.x (that doesn't happen in iOS6.1) when using Popover controllers (ActivePicture/GameCenter)
  • The runtime will now ask the graphics card the maximum allowed texture size
  • Correctly scales UI elements no matter the view scaling
  • Prevents crash in replace-color for RGB888 images (opaque images of certain sizes)
  • Slightly better input lag reduction (still working on optimizing it further)
  • System boxes incorrectly detected a click at the start of the frame if the finger was over it at the time of the fram change
  • Positions relative to the first object created in a game was incorrect
  • Added backdrops had incorrect hotspot offset (for collision detection)
  • Crash in Advanced Direction object
  • Flocking object had bad collision detection against backdrops
  • Active Picture crashes
  • Active Picture memory leak
  • Several backwards compatibility fixes
  • Crash in Camera object on older iOS versions when dismissing the UI
  • Crash in sub-apps regarding UI element positioning
  • "Leaking" subapps. If not manually destroyed they would never go away and you couldn't create more of them. Now they are automatically destroyed if the subapp ends its application.
  • VSync now works for 30 FPS and 15 FPS settings in MMF2
  • iOS Multiple Edit, Date & Time and HiScore objects didn't read their text properly when built with the Unicode version
  • Optimisations:
    ... Huge performance boost in scrolling games with backdrop collision detection on layers above the bottom one.
    ... Many smaller OpenGL performance improvements.
    ... Several internal optimisations when creating rotated collision masks.
  • New features:
    ... List object: new display mode, TableView. Allows different detail views.
    ... Sound frequency and position enabled for sounds played using OpenAL.
    ... New support for modal subapps. The host app is paused while the subapp runs.