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The editors - Overview Edit



(原文)The editors - Overview Edit

Multimedia Fusion 2 Developer contains multiple editors : one editor to edit each part of an application.

  • The storyboard of the application is edited in the Storyboard editor
  • The frames of the application are edited in the Frame editor
  • The events of the application are edited in the Event or Event-list editors
  • The graphics of the application are edited in the Picture editor
  • The animations of an Active Object are edited in the Animation editor
  • The calculations are edited in the Expression editor
  • This chapter will review each editor : its functions, its toolbars and its menus.

Opening and navigating through the main editors
To open the Storyboard, Frame and Event editors, you usually select the application or frame to edit in the Worskspace window or in the Storyboard editor, and then either you click one of the editor buttons in the Navigate toolbar, or right-click the item and select an Edit command in the context menu.


Multimedia Fusion 2 Developer opens one frame window per application. When you open an editor, this editor will be opened in this window, replacing the previous one. For example if you open the storyboard editor and then edit a frame, the frame editor will replace the Storyboard editor in the same window. You can navigate through the previously opened editors with the Back / Forward commands.


You can, if you wish, open several frame windows per application. To do it, press the SHIFT key when you open an editor. Instead of replacing the previously opened editor, Multimedia Fusion 2 Developer will open the editor in a new frame window. Use this for example if you want to drag and drop objects or events from a frame to another one in the same application.