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Multimedia Fusion 2 Developer Help Edit

Multimedia Fusion 2 Developer ヘルプ

Multimedia Fusion 2 Developerオンラインヘルプへようこそ。


このファイルはMultimedia Fusion 2 Developerのすべての要素の参照を含んでいます。 あなたはプログラムに含まれた、エディタ、オブジェクト、条件、およびアクションに関する詳細を見つけるでしょう。




(原文)Multimedia Fusion 2 Developer Help Edit

Welcome to Multimedia Fusion 2 Developer online help.


This file contains the reference to all the elements of Multimedia Fusion 2 Developer. You will find details about the editors, the objects, the conditions and the actions contained in the program.


Before reading this help file, we highly suggest that you go through the tutorial you can find on the CDROM, and also read the booklet entirely.