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2013 First half: April 2013- September 2013

1st(#371) :2013/04/12(Tue): Journal Club

  • I feel who I see: visual body identity affects visual-tactile integration in peripersonal space.
    Salomon R, van Elk M, Aspell JE, Blanke O.
    Conscious Cogn. 21(3):1355-64. (2012) [Abstract]
    Report T. Sudo
  • Illusory control: a generative force behind power's far-reaching effects.
    Fast NJ, Gruenfeld DH, Sivanathan N, Galinsky AD.
    Psychol Sci. 20(4):502-8. (2009) [Abstract]
    Report T. Herai

2nd(#372) :2013/04/16(Tue): Journal Club & "Board Meeting"

  • Experience of agency and sense of responsibility.
    Moretto G, Walsh E, Haggard P.
    Conscious Cogn. 20(4):1847-54. (2011) [Abstract]
    Report T. Herai
  • Income inequality and happiness.
    Oishi S, Kesebir S, Diener E.
    Psychol Sci. 22(9):1095-100. (2011) [Abstract]
    Report K. Mogi
  • We discussed our research agenda and the future direction.

3rd(#373) :2013/04/26(Fri): Journal Club & Progress Report

  • How does fiction reading influence empathy? An experimental investigation on the role of emotional transportation.
    Bal PM, Veltkamp M.
    PLoS One 8(1):e55341. (2013) [Abstract]
    Report A. Onzo
  • Exploring the natural foundations of religion.
    Barrett JL.
    Trends Cogn Sci. 4(1):29-34. (2000) [Abstract]
    Report A. Onzo
  • T. Ishikawa gave a brief overview of progress report on his experimental analysis.
  • Potent social learning and conformity shape a wild primate's foraging decisions.
    van de Waal E, Borgeaud C, Whiten A.
    Science 340:483-5. (2013) [Abstract]
    Report T. Ishikawa
  • Rats and humans can optimally accumulate evidence for decision-making.
    Brunton BW, Botvinick MM, Brody CD.
    Science 340:95-8. (2013) [Abstract]
    Report T. Ishikawa

4th(#374) :2013/05/02(Thu): Clearance & Arrangement

We cleaned up the experimental room and the office room.

5th(#375) :2013/05/07(Fri): Visiting Art Gallery

We visited the art gallery to watch new animation movies created by Takumi Ueda.

6th(#376) :2013/05/17(Fri): Journal Club

  • The valence of action outcomes modulates the perception of one's actions.
    Wilke C, Synofzik M, Lindner A.
    Conscious Cogn. 21(1):18-29. (2012) [Abstract]
    Report T. Herai
  • Digital Inclusion: Measuring the Impact of Information and Community Technology.
    Crandall M, Fisher KE.
    Chap. 1 & Appendix A, Information Today (2009) [Book information]
    Report M. Toshima

7th(#377) :2013/05/27(Fri): Journal Club

  • With sadness comes accuracy; with happiness, false memory: mood and the false memory effect.
    Storbeck J, Clore GL.
    Psychol Sci. 16(10):785-91. (2005) [Abstract]
    Report A. Onzo
  • Functional flexibility of infant vocalization and the emergence of language.
    Oller DK, Buder EH, Ramsdell HL, Warlaumont AS, Chorna L, Bakeman R.
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 110(16):6318-23. (2013) [Abstract]
    Report A. Onzo
  • Observing the transformation of experience into memory.
    Paller KA, Wagner AD.
    Trends Cogn Sci. 6(2):93-102. (2002) [Abstract]
    Report A. Onzo
  • Perceptual consciousness overflows cognitive access.
    Block N.
    Trends Cogn Sci. 15(12):567-75. (2011) [Abstract]
    Report K. Mogi

8th(#378) :2013/06/07(Fri): Journal Club & Research Talk

  • Extending the body to virtual tools using a robotic surgical interface: evidence from the crossmodal congruency task.
    Sengül, A., van Elk, M., Rognini, G., Aspell, J. E., Bleuler, H., Blanke, O.
    PloS ONE 7(12): e49473. (2012) [Full text]
    Report T. Sudo
  • How to "cook" this multivariate data?
    Research Talk T. Ishikawa
  • Forty-four juvenile thieves: Their characters and home-life
    Bowlby, J.
    International Journal of Psychoanalysis 25: 19-52. (1946) [Full text]
    Report K. Mogi

9th(#379) :2013/06/14(Fri): Special Activity

We watched the movie, "Kiseki no Ringo (Miracle Apples)" and discussed complex systems.

10th(#380) :2013/06/20(Thu): Research Talk & Journal Club

  • Learning and knowledge acquisition in the digital generation.
    Research Talk M. Toshima
  • What does Batman think about SpongeBob? children's understanding of the fantasy/fantasy distinction.
    Skolnick D, Bloom P.
    Cognition 101(1):B9-18. (2006) [Abstract]
    Report A. Onzo

11th(#381) :2013/06/25(Tue): Guest Talk

  • Fumihiko Taya at NUS gave us a nice presentation on choice blindness and choice induced-preference change.

12th(#382) :2013/07/05(Fri): Journal Club & Research Talk

  • Berger CC, Ehrsson HH.
    Mental Imagery Changes Multisensory Perception.
    Curr Biol. (2013) [Epub ahead of print] [Abstract]
    Report T. Ishikawa
  • Macknik SL, King M, Randi J, Robbins A, Teller, Thompson J, Martinez-Conde S.
    Attention and awareness in stage magic: turning tricks into research.
    Nat Rev Neurosci. 9(11):871-9. (2008) [Abstract]
    Research Talk K. Mogi

13th(#383) :2013/07/25(Thu): Journal Club & Research Talk

  • Sanchez-Vives MV, Spanlang B, Frisoli A, Bergamasco M, Slater M.
    Virtual Hand Illusion Induced by Visuomotor Correlations.
    PLoS ONE 5(4):e10381. (2010) [Full text]
    Report T. Sudo
  • Castel AD, Vendetti M, Holyoak KJ.
    Fire drill: inattentional blindness and amnesia for the location of fire extinguishers.
    Atten Percept Psychophys. 74(7):1391-6. (2012) [Abstract]
    Research Talk T. Herai
  • Vendetti M, Castel AD, Holyoak KJ.
    The floor effect: impoverished spatial memory for elevator buttons.
    Atten Percept Psychophys. 75(4):636-43. (2013) [Abstract]
    Research Talk T. Herai

14th(#384) :2013/08/02(Fri): Journal Club & Progress Report

  • Collective enumeration.
    Bahrami B, Didino D, Frith C, Butterworth B, Rees G.
    J Exp Psychol Hum Percept Perform. 39(2):338-47. (2013) [Abstract]
    Report M. Toshima
  • Creating buzz: the neural correlates of effective message propagation.
    Falk EB, Morelli SA, Welborn BL, Dambacher K, Lieberman MD.
    Psychol Sci. 24(7):1234-42. (2013) [Abstract]
    Report T. Herai
  • Yes, You Can? A Speaker's Potency to Act upon His Words Orchestrates Early Neural Responses to Message-Level Meaning.
    Bornkessel-Schlesewsky I, Krauspenhaar S, Schlesewsky M.
    PLoS ONE 8(7):e69173. (2013) [Full text]
    Progress Report A. Onzo

15th(#385) :2013/08/09(Fri)-11(Sun): Summer Camp

We went to summer camp at Kizaki lakeside in Nagano pref. and joined the SHINANO Primitive Sense Art Festival 2013.

16th(#386) :2013/08/20(Tue): Journal Club

  • Individual differences in the proneness to have flow experiences are linked to dopamine D2-receptor availability in the dorsal striatum.
    de Manzano Ö, Cervenka S, Jucaite A, Hellenäs O, Farde L, Ullén F.
    Neuroimage 67:1-6. (2013) [Abstract]
    Report T. Ishikawa
  • A community of strangers: the dis-embedding of social ties.
    Parigi P, State B, Dakhlallah D, Corten R, Cook K.
    PLoS ONE 8(7):e67388. (2013) [Full text]
    Report K. Mogi

17th(#387) :2013/09/09(Mon): Journal Club & Research Talk

  • Harvesting implicit group attitudes and beliefs from a demonstration web site.
    Nosek BA, Banaji M, Greenwald AG.
    Group Dynamics: Theory, Research, and Practice 6(1):101-115. (2002) [Full text]
    Report A. Onzo
  • Crossmodal congruency measures of lateral distance effects on the rubber hand illusion.
    Zopf R, Savage G, Williams MA.
    Neuropsychologia 48(3):713-25. (2010) [Abstract]
    Report T. Sudo
  • Tentative indices of reaction time distributions and physiological response to Aha!
    Progress Report T. Ishikawa

18th(#388) :2013/09/13(Fri): Journal Club

  • Guilt proneness and moral character.
    Cohen TR, Panter AT, Turan N.
    Current Directions in Psychological Science 21(5), 355-359. (2012) [Abstract]
    Report T. Takano
  • Freedom, choice, and the sense of agency.
    Barlas Z, Obhi SS.
    Front Hum Neurosci. 7:514. (2013) [Abstract]
    Report T. Herai

19th(#389) :2013/09/27(Fri): Journal Club & Research Talk

  • When Brain Informs Us About Mind: a Neuro-Ergonomic Approach to Study Web Sites.
    Guercio E., Collina S., Montanari R., Ferrarini C., Garbin G.
    In proceeding of Cognitive 2013 (2013)
    Report M. Toshima
  • Spatial limits on referred touch to an alien limb may reflect boundaries of visuo-tactile peripersonal space surrounding the hand
    Donna M. Lloyd
    Brain and Cognition 64(1):104-9. (2007)
    Progress Report T. Sudo
  • Crossmodal congruency measures of lateral distance effects on the rubber hand illusion.
    Zopf R, Savage G, Williams MA.
    Neuropsychologia. 48(3):713-25. (2010)
    Progress Report T. Sudo
  • My body in the brain: a neurocognitive model of body-ownership.
    Tsakiris M.
    Neuropsychologia. 48(3):703-12. (2010)
    Progress Report T. Sudo
  • Neural correlations, population coding and computation.
    Averbeck BB, Latham PE, Pouget A.
    Nat Rev Neurosci. 7(5):358-66. (2006)
    [Full text]
    Report K. Mogi