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2022/01/05(Wed): Journal Club (online)

  • Multi-sensory gamma stimulation ameliorates Alzheimer’s-associated pathology and improves cognition.
    Martorell, Anthony J., et al.
    Cell, 177(2), 256-271. (2019)
    [Full Text]
    Report R. Maejima

2022/02/01(Tue): Research Talk (online)

Recent study of Major Depression
Research Talk S. Nozawa

  • Depression
    Gin S Malhi, J John Mann
    Lancet., 392(10161):2299-2312. (2018)
  • Chronic vicarious social defeat stress attenuates new-born neuronal cell survival in mouse hippocampus.
    Yoshioka, T., Yamada, D., Kobayashi, R., Segi-Nishida, E., & Saitoh, A.
    Behavioural Brain Research, 416, 113536. (2022).
  • Closed-loop neuromodulation in an individual with treatment-resistant depression.
    Scangos, K. W., et al.
    Nature medicine, 27(10), 1696-1700. (2021).
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2022/02/01(Tue): Research Talk

What is Acupuncture doing?
Research Talk Iijima

  • Dynamic brain-to-brain concordance and behavioral mirroring as a mechanism of the patient-clinician interaction.
    Ellingsen, Dan-Mikael, et al.
    Science advances, 6(43), eabc1304. (2020)
    [Full Text]
  • Open-Label Placebo Treatment for Experimental Pain: A Randomized-Controlled Trial with Placebo Acupuncture and Placebo Pills.
    Lee, S., Choi, D. H., Hong, M., Lee, I. S., & Chae, Y.
    Journal of Integrative and Complementary Medicine, (2022).
    [Full Text]
  • Integration of social status and trust through interpersonal brain synchronization.
    Cheng, X., Zhu, Y., Hu, Y., Zhou, X., Pan, Y., & Hu, Y.
    NeuroImage, 246, 118777.(2022).
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2022/05/03(Tue): Journal Club

  • Religion, the social brain and the mystical stance.
    Dunbar, R. I. M.
    Archive for the Psychology of Religion, 42(1), 46-62.(2020).
    [Full Text]
    Report Chubachi

2022/05/10(Tue): Journal Club

  • Functional connectome fingerprinting: identifying individuals using patterns of brain connectivity.
    Finn, Emily S., et al.
    Nature neuroscience, 18(11), 1664-1671. (2015).
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    Report K. Omata

2022/05/17(Tue): Progress Report

information problem (symbol limit)
Report Hataoka
Limitations on the use of symbols.Unable to describe'stop'information.

2022/05/24(Tue): Research Talk

2022/05/31(Tue): Research Talk

Curiosity and portmanteau
Research Talk T. Ishikawa

2022/06/07(Tue): Research Talk

Modified Gravity is so cool! -part2-
Research Talk Y.Okajima

  • Anisotropic Cosmological Model in a Modified Theory of Gravitation
    Rishi Kumar Tiwari,Aroonkumar Beesham,Soma Mishra and Vipin Dubey
    Universe 2021, 7(7), 226
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2022/06/21(Tue): Progress Report

How can we access to the minds of people in the severe stage of AD?
Report A. Onzo

  • Person-centred care of people with severe Alzheimer's disease: current status and ways forward.
    Edvardsson, D., Winblad, B., & Sandman, P. O.
    the Lancet neurology, 7(4), 362-367.(2008).
  • Awareness in severe Alzheimer’s disease: a systematic review.
    O’Shaughnessy, N. J.,et al.
    Aging & Mental Health, 25(4), 602-612.(2021)
    [Full Text]
  • Neuropathological stageing of Alzheimer-related changes.
    Braak, H., & Braak, E.
    Acta neuropathologica, 82(4), 239-259.(1991).
    [Full Text]
  • Following the Spreading of Brain Structural Changes in Alzheimer's Disease: A Longitudinal, Multimodal MRI Study.
    Weiler, M., Agosta, F., Canu, E., Copetti, M., Magnani, G., Marcone, A., Pagani, E., Balthazar, M.L., Comi, G., Falini, A., & Filippi, M.
    Journal of Alzheimer's disease : JAD, 47 4, 995-1007 .(2015).
  • AD Course Map charts Alzheimer’s disease progression.
    Koval, Igor, et al.
    Scientific Reports 11.1 (2021): 1-16.
    [Full Text]

2022/07/05(Tue): Research Talk

Embodiment and VR study.
Research Talk T. Takano

  • Fluidity of gender identity induced by illusory body-sex change.
    Tacikowski, P., Fust, J., & Ehrsson, H. H.
    Scientific reports, 10(1), 1-14.(2020).
    [Full Text]
  • Wearing same-and opposite-sex virtual bodies and seeing them caressed in intimate areas.
    Mello, M., Fusaro, M., Tieri, G., & Aglioti, S. M.
    Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 75(3), 461-474.(2022).
  • Virtual embodiment of white people in a black virtual body leads to a sustained reduction in their implicit racial bias.
    Banakou, Domna, Parasuram D. Hanumanthu, and Mel Slater.
    Frontiers in human neuroscience (2016): 601.
    [Full Text]
  • My face in yours: Visuo-tactile facial stimulation influences sense of identity.
    Sforza, A., Bufalari, I., Haggard, P., & Aglioti, S. M.
    Social neuroscience, 5(2), 148-162.(2010).
    [Full Text]
  • The Proteus effect: The effect of transformed self-representation on behavior.
    Yee, N., & Bailenson, J.
    Human communication research, 33(3), 271-290.(2007)
    [Full Text]

2022/07/12(Tue): Research Talk

  • Regarging impossibleness to save libertarian free will
    Research Talk S. Nozawa

2022/07/25(Mon): Research Talk

Bodily illusion using virtual reality techniques and its application to neurorehabilitation
Research Talk T. Sudo

  • Decreased Tactile Sensitivity Induced by Disownership: An Observational Study Utilizing the Rubber Hand Illusion
    Ataka K, Sudo T, Otaki R, Suzuki E and Izumi S-I.
    Front. Syst. Neurosci., 15:802148. doi: 10.3389/fnsys.2021.802148
    [Full Text]

2022/08/02(Tue): Special Talk

生物の新たな理論に向けて (Toward a theory of organism)
Talk Prof. Sakurada Kazuhiro

2022/08/09(Tue): Jurnal Club or Research Talk

Talk W. Iijima

  • Relationship status and perceived support in the social regulation of neural responses to threat
    James A Coan, Lane Beckes, Marlen Z Gonzalez, Erin L Maresh, Casey L Brown, Karen Hasselmo
    Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, Volume 12, Issue 10, October 2017, Pages 1574–1583,
    [Full Text]
  • Social touch and human development
    Carissa J.Cascio, David Moor, Francis McGlonebd
    Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, Volume 45, October 2020, Pages 100843
    [Full Text]

2022/09/06(Tue): Jurnal Club

Terrorism and Religion
Talk F. Chubachi

  • The Roots of Intergroup Conflict and the Co-optation of the Religious System: An Evolutionary Perspective on Religious Terrorism
    Jordan Kiper & Richard Sosis
    The Oxford Handbook of Evolutionary Psychology and Religion , pp.265-281.(2016)
    [Full Text]
  • Brothers in Arms: Libyan Revolutionaries Bond Like Family
    Harvey Whitehouse, Brian McQuinn, Michael Buhrmerster, and William B. Swann
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences , Vol. 111, No. 50: pp.17702-17703.(2014)
    [Full Text]

2022/09/14(Wed): Jurnal Club or Research Talk

Harm aversion
Talk K.Omata

  • Harm to others acts as a negative reinforcer in rats.
    Hernandez-Lallement J, Attah AT, Soyman E, Pinhal CM, Gazzola V, Keysers C. Harm to Others Acts as a Negative Reinforcer in Rats. Curr Biol. 2020 Mar 23;30(6):949-961.e7. doi: 10.1016/j.cub.2020.01.017. Epub 2020 Mar 5. PMID: 32142701.
    [Full Text/Abstract]

2022/09/26(Mon): Jurnal Club and Research Talk

A small talk about my doctor course study. types of spontaneity and a feeling of I-am-doing-this-ness.
Talk S. Nozawa

Metacognition and AI,Godel's theorem
Research Talk S. Yoshizawa

    A. M. TURING
    Mind, Volume LIX, Issue 236, October 1950, Pages 433–460,
    [Full Text]
  • Self, Awareness, and the Frontal Lobes: A Neuropsychological Perspective.
    Stuss, D.T. (1991)
    In: Strauss, J., Goethals, G.R. (eds) The Self: Interdisciplinary Approaches. Springer, New York, NY.
  • Feeling-of-knowing in episodic memory: an event-related fMRI study.
    Anat Maril 1, Jon S Simons, Jason P Mitchell, Bennett L Schwartz, Daniel L Schacter
    NeuroImageVolume 18, Issue 4, April 2003, Pages 827-836
  • Mirror self-recognition: a review and critique of attempts to promote and engineer self-recognition in primates.
    James R Anderson 1, Gordon G Gallup Jr 2
    Primates 56317–326 (2015).
  • If a fish can pass the mark test, what are the implications for consciousness and self-awareness testing in animals?
    Kohda M, Hotta T, Takeyama T, Awata S, Tanaka H, Asai J-y, et al. (2019)
    PLOS BiologyBiol 17(2): e3000021
    [Full Text]
  • Metacognition in Computation: A selected research review.
    Michael T. Cox
    Artificial IntelligenceVolume 169, Issue 2, December 2005, Pages 104-141
    [Full Text]
  • Metacognition and Consciousness.
    Koriat, A. (2007)
    Cambridge University PressIn P. D. Zelazo, M. Moscovitch, & E. Thompson (Eds.), The Cambridge handbook of consciousness (pp. 289–325)
  • Understanding the Higher-Order Approach to Consciousness.
    Richard Brown,Hakwan Lau,Joseph E. LeDoux (2019)
    Cell PressVOLUME 23, ISSUE 9, P754-768, SEPTEMBER 01, 2019
    [Full Texst]

2022/10/07(Fri): Special Talk

Talk Prof. Joichi Ito

2022/10/19(Wed): Jurnal Club or Research Talk

Talk T. Ishikawa

2022/11/01(Tue): Jurnal Club or Research Talk

Talk Hataoka

2022/11/14(Mon): Jurnal Club or Research Talk

Talk A. Onzo

2022/11/21(Mon): Jurnal Club or Research Talk

Talk K. Nakajima