Art and Brain

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Art and Brain

Joint workshop with Fuse laboratory at the Tokyo University of the Arts

28th March 2008 Ueno Campus, Tokyo University of the Arts.


13:00 Meet in front of the Oura restaurant. Admiring the "Vivid materials" exposition curated by Daisuke Awata

The Workshop

  • Mogi On the origin of conscious experience.
  • Saito The biological origin of painting
  • Sekine Investigating the space and time in bodily perception
  • Furukawa Perspective in Japanese Kare-Sansui gardens.
  • Taya On attention
  • Hasunuma On self-portrait
  • Awata On the origin of creativity of Marcel Duchamp
  • Ueda My youthful writings on art
  • Onzo Uncertainty and onceness

Trip to Kurumaya restaurant, Nezu

18:30~ "Spring starts here" party.