Nozawa Shinichi

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NOZAWA Shinichi / 野澤真一

  • Doctor Cource Student (since April 2008)
  • 自発性(spontaneity)について研究しています。
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  • 写真はラスベガスにてワインを嗜むの図 title:「ウーン、マンダム
  • A picture putting right is me at Las Vegas enjoying wine.

If you want to contact me, please mail me to below address.
my mail addess: nozawa [at-mark] (please substitute @ for [at-mark] )

  • I'm interested in spontaneity, which all of living matters have.
  • The problem of spontaneity is relating to the problem of free will and determinism.
  • At the folk psychological view, our behaviour is treated as a reaction responding to external stimuli
    and the modern cognitive neuroscientists' view does not differ so much.
  • But the view ignores our agency, intention, motivation or other mental activity enamating from internal mind.

  • The mind is generated by the brain.
  • The brain is a matter.
  • A matter must obey the physical law.
  • Although it is realistically impossible,
  • we can principally predict the time evolution of a matter with uncertainty of quantum mechanics.

  • The mind is generated by the brain.
  • Could the mind is predicted,
    when the activity of the brain was completely observed and all physical laws were uncovered ?


  • Temporality in voluntarily initiated movements. (Poster)
    ASSC11 (Association for Scientific Study of Consciousness), June, 2007, Las Vegas, US
  • The when and how of voluntarily initiated movements. (Oral)
    SfN(Society for Neuroscience), November, 2007, San Diego, US
  • The Accumulation of Data in RNG Task Using The Internet and A Design for Standardized Platform toward Clinical Application. [in Japanese]
    Proceedings of the IEICE General Conference, March, 2009, Matuyama, Japan
  • The analysis of spontaneous patterns in random number generation task. (Poster)
    Mechanism of Brain and Mind workshop, January, 2010, Rusutsu, Japan


  • System Biology Spring School, March, 2007, Osaka, Japan,

Other activity

  • 21 March 2008, I talked at Ikegami-lab. and Mogi-lab. Joint Workshop on the cognitive process of spontaneity, which entitled "Spontaneous One".