Desert Conflict

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公式 Desert-Confict Xtended


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無印と共通のMAPだけ日本語化済み ver.0.1a対応。(ver.0.22bでは使用出来ません。)07/04/03

Desert-Confict Xtended
名前のオレンジ表示や正式名称化 ver.0.22b専用。(Ver0.1aでの使用は不可です。)(起動ランチャー同梱)09/11/05


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公式Desert Conflict | the Sand Storm Is Coming Again...


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Opposition Flag Stolen!

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Opposition Flag Dropped!

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Coalition Flag Returned!

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Opposition Flag CAPTURED!

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Coalition Flag Stolen!

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Coalition Flag Dropped!

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Opposition Flag Returned!

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Coalition Flag CAPTURED!

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Artillery Needed



This is a Capture the Flag map. The objective is to steal the enemy flag and return it to your base.
The team with the highest score will win.


Each round is broken into several missions.
Your team wins a mission by capturing the central control point or killing off the other team.
You only have one life per mission, so be careful.


Your team wins if it destroys all of the other team's objectives.



China’s rich mining areas in the northeastern highland have become contested by rapidly deploying Coalition and Opposition forces.
The narrow canyons carved into this region channel both forces into inevitable head-on confrontations
as each seeks to secure the prized uranium mines with their advancing forces.
In the context of this double assault, success will favor the bold, given the constrained nature of this rugged battlefield.


Coalition forces landed on this Persian Gulf beach during the night in the hopes of quickly seizing the nearby Opposition airbase.
The stakes are high for both sides. The Coalition forces face possibly being driven into the sea and destroyed.
The Opposition forces could lose a key airbase and open the door for Coalition forces to take strategic oilfields.
Both sides have been using the morning to prepare for a final assault.


Coalition Rapid Deployment forces are advancing to capture the Dalian Plant nuclear facility and force disruptions
to the electrical grid in northern China.
Elements of the Opposition Army have moved forward to serve as an improvised defensive force.
This location is of vital strategic importance to both sides,
for a major reduction of the generating capacity of the Opposition forces would allow rapid consolidation
of Coalition units dispersed throughout this vast region.


Coalition forces striking south are now poised to seize this crucial logistic component the Oposition's ongoing war effort,
seeking to both divert petroleum resources while simultaneously hindering Opposition mechanized efforts in this sector.
The stakes are high in this head-on collision between advancing Coalition brigades
and the defending Opposition forces, with both sides advised to cautiously advance through this volatile landscape.


Ancient legends of this "fairyland on earth," tell of a yellow dragon that helped a king channel flood waters into the sea.
Currently, Coalition forces are converging upon this idyllic valley, to secure a foothold in the Minshan mountain range.
Elements of the Coalition are on the offensive in this sector,
while the Opposition forces are called upon to defend ancient ancestral lands, in what promises to be a bitter engagement.


Military planners for both the Coalition and the Opposition quickly realized that this sector contains key strategic bridges
that provide easy armored access to the Manchurian heartland and deployed accordingly.
To secure possession of these vital lines of advance elements of both sides are racing to meet head-on amidst the scattered farms,
villages and industrial areas of this ancient, remote landscape.


Active Component brigades of the Coalition forces are deploying toward a key dam site in the Saudi desert,
intent upon control of this strategic location.
To counter the threat, Opposition forces are advancing their own mobile brigades to blunt the Coalition spearhead.
This rough desert terrain contains a mix of terrain types,
requiring the utmost in tactical flexibility by both Coalition and Opposition soldiers.
The ultimate objective of both sides in this battle is to gain control of the entire Kubra Dam sector.


Leading elements of the Coalition ground force must capture Mashtuur City, a primary Opposition axis of advance.
In response, Opposition units are rushing forward to hold the city at all costs.
In this double assault upon a key urban asset, all elements of modern warfare are likely to be deployed,
attempting to secure vital CPs that dot the city.
Victory will go to the side that controls the majority of Mashtuur when hostilities cease.


This vital entrance to the Persian Gulf is held by local Opposition forces who have established a strong defensive presence
on the scattered islands of the waterway.
For the Coalition Rapid Deployment force to clear the waterway they must first deploy air assets to disable a key Opposition power station,
after which the Coalition force must enter the channel and capture the islands defended by these determined Opposition fighters.


This vital position on the Persian Gulf possesses a TV station with a powerful transmitter,
allowing it to aid propaganda support for the ongoing Opposition campaign.
Coalition Rapid Deployment forces have captured this coastal position and now face a determined counterattack
by converging Opposition forces.
This lazy seaside resort of villas, markets and beach houses is about to become a modern battlefield
as Coalition forces attempt to hold on to their newly-captured communications prize.


Newly formed Active Component brigades of the Coalition advance from the Russian plains into the territories
of the Opposition where rapidly deployed Opposition forces mass to counter the assault.
The stalemated situation along the Songhua River has deteriorated into reciprocal assaults by both sides,
each seeking to capture this vital transportation artery.
Stakes are high in this double assault that involves control of a main gateway to Southern Manchuria.


Control of the industrial facility and harbor at Karkand motivate this assault by Coalition forces,
where they find Opposition forces marshalling to defend the industrial city and determined to meet this attack with stiff resistance.
The terrain surrounding Karkand sufficiently opens to allow for sweeping fields of fire but the open ground increases
the danger posed by anti-vehicle missiles and sniping.
It is thus vital for both sides to secure firebases in Karkand’s sheltered city center.


In a surprise move, Opposition forces have attacked and captured Wake Island in a bid to threaten Coalition supply lines.
Coalition forces have been short-stopped from their deployment in the Middle East to respond to this new threat.
The airbase on Wake Island is the lynchpin of the Opposition air threat,
however it is highly susceptible to ground attack from either the northern or southern approaches of the island.


The Zatar Wetlands along the Red Sea coastline possess vital natural gas resources,
but create a difficult battlefield for Coalition and Opposition forces. Small tributaries break the landscape
into isolated islands whose soggy marshes inhibit heavy vehicles.
As Coalition forces advance, Opposition forces possess an initial advantage in the air.
Control of an abandoned airfield is crucial early in the battle, after which supply line protection
will become an additional consideration.


The Coalition's armored forces are advancing rapidly through enemy territory,
pushing the Opposition back, but some pockets of resistance remain.
Iraqi units have dug in and are defending their positions fiercly with both armor and air support.
A high strategic ridge stands between the two forces,
ideal for placing artillery, scouting and for mounting attacks against the enemy.
Both sides have to control this higher ground to gain the advantage.
Coalition commanders have compared the upcoming battle as an El Alamein of the Desert Storm...


The Desert Storm has started and the liberation of Kuwait is in motion! The invading Opposition force
has taken heavy casualties and is now running north to meet up with the Republican Guard,
where it will regroup at an assembly area at map coordinates 73 Easting.
The Iraqi elite Tawakalna Division has been assigned to guard the withdrawal.
Coalition armor is moving in from the west to cut off the Opposition retreat,
destroy their armored divisions at 73 Easting, and capture and hold Norfolk, a vital Iraqi supply depot in the area.
However, the oppostion elite armor units will do anything to protect their supplies while retreating from Kuwait.
The Battle of 73 Easting is about to begin...


Kurdish freedom fighters have informed the Coalition of the location of three weapons bunkers
in an Opposition base somewhere in Kurdistan.
Trucks with SCUDs have been seen leaving this base.
It is believed these missiles have been loaded with chemical, biological and possibly nuclear warheads.
Now, Coalition Special Forces must move in quickly to search for and destroy these possible weapons of mass-destruction.
Opposition guards in the base are on constant high alert from a possible attack...


As Coalition forces approach the stronghold of Mosul in northern Iraq, they find themselves forced to advance through a narrow pass.
This pass, heavily settled over the years,
has become a maze of mortar and brick, perfect for Opposition Forces to set up an ambush.
To further this fear, Kurdish fighters have reported back to the Coalition of an Opposition bunker
in the area buried deep underground.
Coalition forces must secure this area and advance on to the city of Mosul.


During a routine patrol over Northen Iraq, two Coalition Blackhawks were shot down in the remote Inshallah Valley.
The Oppositon quickly scrambled in an attempt to capture the Coalition personnel, their equipment and possible Intel.
Coalition Forces have been deployed to rescue their men from capture or death...


Coalition intelligence has discovered a Lost Village deep inside Opposition territory.
The villagers have been harboring Opposition forces and supplies. The Coalition forces must eliminate the Opposition supporters
while the Opposition forces and sympathizers must fight for their very survival.


On the other side of the Iraqi-Saudi border,
the Opposition army is assembling a strike force aimed at the rich oilfields of their southern neighbor.
A vast desert with a few small uninhabited villages separate the two countries. The Coalition forces must prevent the Opposition
from crossing the mountain range border and stop the enemy's advance into the desert.
The Coalition forces are ordered to defend and shield the Saudi oilfields at all costs...


Having crossed the Saudi-Iraqi border, leaving the desert behind,
the Coalition is now moving into a desolate region called the Gazala Highlands.
While they must advance through this area to meet up with the rest of the Coalition forces to the East,
the ground troops must first secure these valleys from Opposition soldiers and hidden AA-pieces.
However, they will not get far into the Gazala Valleys before the Coalition will stand face to face
with hostile units from the nearby Opposition base.

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