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Point of Existence2
マップ以外ほとんど日本語化 ver.2.1対応 08/07/28

完全日本語化+各種兵器名⇒制式名称 ver.2.5対応 09/06/24




Ukraine holds a vital air base in the south west of Ukraine's mountains.
German troops assaulting from the south have established a small airstrip and are launching an attack
to secure the area.


On a dim night in September, the invasion of Ukraine was started.
Through the darkness came ten thousand airborne troops, dropping from the sky like a heavy rainstorm.
Their objective: to secure an area suitable for the establishment of a small airfield to allow supplies and
ground troop insertion.
Ukraine desperately rushes to meet the Germans head on and secure their motherland.


After the initial success of the German army,
the unforgiving Ukrainian winter set in cutting off the supplies and isolating the German troops.
As Germany tries to hold onto their strategic position, Ukraine launches a counter attack.


The German troops have been ordered to secure this area near Lutsk to help provide a supply line and reinforcements
to the troops who landed at Rivne.
Ukraine is desperate to defend their homeland and deny this valuable strategic position to the Germans.


On a tip, Germany sent out three reconnaissance squads to the Carpathian Mountains region.
When only one squad returned after suffering heavy casualties Germany's worst fears were confirmed.
Ukrainian troops were moving to set up a SS-25 launch site in the mountains as retaliation for the invasion.
German troops must move fast to eliminate this threat before its too late.


As the storm begins to pass over the Dnister River Valley, German forces are able to bring in heavy armor and helicopter support.
Ukraine forces are rushing to fortify a nearby armor assembly and repair base in an attempt to save it from German capture.
Both militaries will stop at nothing to control this vital military base.


German forces have pushed deeper into enemy territory and established a makeshift airfield near a small Ukraine air base,
north of Kiev.
They have used the night to prepare for a full assault in the hazy morning sun.


A German armor column has been advancing along the E40 highway towards a Ukrainian outpost.
Scouts have reported back on the advancing Germans and the Ukrainians are planning to ride out and meet them
head on in what will be a brutal battle.


German forces have reached the first staging area for Operation Guardian Angel.
Ukraine forces are aware of the incoming German presence and have fortified the snow covered mountain range
that provides them with a natural blockade.
The two forces will collide in a fierce armor battle as a hostile snow storm begins to form in the area,
threatening to halt the German advance.


After the initial assault at Rivne, the Germans had made gains against the Ukrainians valiantly defending their homeland.
The German front slowly edged its way east towards Kiev, but many attacks on supply lines were hindering their successes.
The battalion headed east along the main highway from Zhytomyr to Kiev was progressing well,
but their resupply convoy had been attacked a day earlier,
and they were now forced to hold position and wait for supplies.
Seeing the opportunity to exact revenge for Rivne and deal a serious blow to the forces headed for their capital,
the Ukrainians have prepared to attack the German position in the rolling plains of Zhytomyr.


A US helo goes down in the Carpathian Mountains.
Nearby German troops rush to secure the area before the Ukraines can pick apart the wreck


German troops have taken over a border station into Orel and use it for a staging ground to push further into Ukraine.


As the snow melts in the western part of Ukraine, German troops begin to advance again.
In an attempt to strengthen their lines,
Germany sets its sights on a vital train station near Korosten before their final push to Kiev.
To secure the area an entire Panzer Division is sent to eliminate any resistance.
Ukraine reinforces their position and braces for a massive armor onslaught.


Heres a picture of my sister... you can all have her. I hear she's pretty good.


Ukraine has surprised everyone by entering into Kenya trying to invade Sudan to gain it's oil.
Remembering the late war between Russia and USA in the same area,
USA has now dispatched it's army back there to stop Ukraine early on.


The Ukraine army has been successfully holding the Crimean peninsula as a base of operations holding off German attacks
from the main land.
Numerous SAM sites have been established in an attempt to control the skies and serve as a launching area
to initiate counter attacks.
US forces in the Black Sea have been given clearance to assault a small rocky coastal area where a battery of SAM sites is located.
These SAM's must be eliminated if the Allied forces are to break the Ukraine strong hold on the Crimean peninsula.


In the middle of the Black Sea, Ukraine has established a fully garrisoned airbase which gives them free reign
of the entire area south of the Ukraine main land posing a huge threat to the advancing US forces.
The USMC needs the island for a launching platform to attack the Crimean peninsula in route to meet up with their German allies.
Ukraine can not afford to lose this valuable island and the USMC can not afford to allow them to keep it.
The fight of Berezen Island is on.


Odessa is a major port area in Ukraine.
The United States Marines have eyed it for a perfect landing spot to gain a foot hold to the main land
so that they can link up with their German allies.
Ukraine having a nearby base and air strip are well prepared to meet the USMC head on in the city and in the skies above.


Special forces have been called in to take Olesko Castle and its sorrounding area.
Make every shot count, you have limited ammo on this map!


German KSK forces tried to eliminate a high decorated military member in his home near Kremenez.
Unfortunately the target was evacuated shortly before the bomb exploded.
Now it's up to the German Forces to land at a nearby forrest and get control of the whole area.
Furthermore it's vital to capture and hold a small military helicopter station.
Without this air support it will be hard to accomplish the mission because Ukrainian reinforcement is advancing
from the south-west.
Parachute in and get control! Dismissed!


Following the battle for the US helicopter that went down in the Carpathian Mountains,
German troops dissected the remains of the downed Blackhawk and discovered the objective of the crew’s mission.
Deep in the mountains Ukraine had established a powerful radar array, which had been well protected
by a grid of small AA batteries.
These air defences had been decimating Allied planes in the area but the location of these defences remained
unknown until now.
The German troops quickly regrouped to lay siege upon a nearby hill top where the radar resides.


The population of the sleepy fishing village of Zavrod, near the Slovakian border, has been forcibly 'relocated'
by the Ukrainian military.
German intelligence has discovered that the Ukrainians are establishing a top secret military supply cache
in an old quarry near the village.
In a quick dawn raid, German rapid deployment troops have rushed down out of the mountains and shall attempt to secure
this depot, thus blunting a possible Ukrainian military offensive near the Slovakian border.
The nearby Ukrainian garrison must quickly try to defend their hidden supplies,
lest they fall into German hands. Map by Fennicks.


Situated on the eastern shore of the Crimean Peninsula,
Kerch is in a strategically vital area linking the Sea of Azov and the Black Sea.
Kerch has a booming industrial area,
large shipping distribution centers, and is a major railroad hub to the entire country.
The USMC has dispatched troops to insert via helicopters and take Kerch intact.
With the bulk of the Ukraine military machine on the frontlines, only a small garrison of troops and
equipment has been left to guard Ukraine’s vulnerable back door.


American forces have encroached upon the important Port of the city of Yalta.
Within the Port are the means to repair sea vessels by use of the MTU-Yalta servicing centre.
Additionally nearby highways connect Russia, Ukraine and Crimea.
As such, the Port is of vital strategic importance for the resupply of American forces that have landed on Crimea and repair,
or maintaining of vessels in the Black Sea.
Ukrainian Forces have mounted a counter attack and the central port has been divided between the opposing countries.


Germany has taken over Dnister City after a hard fought battle for the Bridge and Ukraine military base.
Germany must now try and hold out in the city until help can arrive as Ukraine mounts a counter assault.


Many years after the nuclear incident of Chernobyl life is coming back into the desolate city of Pripyat.
The Ukrainian Army established several Controlpoints in the city to secure their advance on Pripyat river.
Now its up to the German forces to retake the city from their HQ near the Wreck site.


As part of Operation Matador, Germany plans to push the Ukraine forces out of Belarus in one swift, fell strike.
However, backed into a corner, the Ukrainian forces fought the German army with an intensity never before seen.
As a result, the United States army dispatched elements of the 82nd Heavy Armoured Battalion to reinforce them,
which arrived in time to provide support for German forces early on the second day of battle.
Although both opposing armies are battered and bruised, neither the Americans nor the Ukrainians are showing any signs of fatigue;
the day is not yet over nor the battle won. With newly arrived reinforcements from the 82nd Armoured Battalion preparing to press the attack,
the stage is now set for the largest armoured engagement to take place since the Battle of Kursk.


Germany’s 12th Panzer Division encountered fierce resistence in the city of Kharkiv after Ukraine sucessfully ambushed the
German advance but at the cost of heavy casulties on both sides.
Having gained some momentum in the initial counter-attack against Ukrainian forces,
High Command ordered the battle-weary 12th to hold the perimeter of the city.
Infantry elements of the United States 5th Marine Regiment were moved up to wipe out the outnumbered
but fiercely determined and entrenched Ukraines.


An Allied battle group has come under heavy air attack while in transit to reinforce the troops assaulting Odessa.
Intelligence shows that a recently activated Ex-Soviet Air base is responsible for the attacks as Ukraine seeks to modernize this
Cold War relic in order to carry out maritime raids on the USMC forces attacking their homeland.
Allied jets scramble to intercept as the Marines assemble a strike team to take hold of a nearby anti air
and radar station which are still under construction.
The task force has postponed their original mission to engage and neutralize this new threat before it can become fully online.


The Depot at Melitopol is a vital asset for Ukraine and is now square in the sights of the Allies as a target to capture or eliminate.
Ukraine refuses to give up the depot and will raise it to the ground before they let the allies get one drop of oil from it.


After a successful Allied push into the heartland of Ukraine,
Germany with the help of their US Allies establish a foothold in the town of Chernihiv along the Desna River.
Ukraine establishes a makeshift base to counter attack the Allies before they have a chance to entrench into their new found position.


Germany has pushed into the heart of the city of Kiev.
A Ukrainian counter-attack threatens the German position and a counter-attack is required to provide air clearance
for further reinforcements and the creation of a defensive perimeter around the Ukrainian striking position in the industrial quarters.



This is a nuke objective map.
Germans must destroy the nuke before time runs out or the nuke is launched.
The Ukrainians must prevent the destruction of the nuke.



This is a frontline map. You must capture the control point in front of you to advance on the battlefield.


in・cur・sion - noun
raid: a brief, hostile, and usually sudden invasion of somebody's territory
This is an incursion map.
The attacking team must take and hold a flag for a certain period within the allotted time or destroy the defending team.
Defending team must guard their flags from attack or destroy the attacking team.  You only have one life per round!


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Artillery ready, requesting a target.

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Smoke Available

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Enemy artillery, over

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Hostile artillery spotted

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