Operation Peacekeeper

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公式 Operation Peacekeeper ver0.4
※Operation Peacekeeperの配布は続けられていますが、ProjectRealityに統合されました。


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C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\mods\opk\Localization\



  • また、OPK ver.3.0には日本語が含まれていないフォントファイルが採用されているので
  • 1.C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\mods\opk2\Fonts_clients.zipのファイル名を変更します。
  • 2.C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\mods\bf2\Fonts_clients.zipをコピーします。
  • 3.C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\mods\opk2のフォルダに貼り付けます。


  • Operation Peacekeeper
    • ver.0.21 日本語言語ファイル(0.2対応とありますが、0.21でも使えます)
      fileOPK2 JP 071115.zip 07/11/15
    • ver.0.3 日本語化ファイル ver.0.3専用
      fileOPK3.0.zip 09/08/15

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公式 Operation Peacekeeper: Code Phoenix


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tdm Edit

This is a Conquest: Team-Deathmatch-Map. Once a team's ticket count reaches zero, the other team wins the round.


LOAD_MAPDES_opkambush (OPK Ambush) Edit

German Forces need to occupy an important access road near a reservoir in order to cut off the supply for the nearby situated Serbian military base.
Heavily armed resistance is to be expected as well as hidden arms storage places in the ravine.

LOAD_MAPDES_opkbattleoftutin (OPK Battle of Tutin) Edit

The town of Tutin is controlled by Serbian forces.
The very tense situation in the town must be resolved.
Thus German KFOR units are sent into the area to do so.
Serbian forces are trying to prevent the infiltration of the German troops by all means, because the town is of very strategic importance.
Should the German Army gain fully control over the town it would be a devastating morally setback for Serbian forces.

LOAD_MAPDES_opkbordersinfiltration (OPK Borders Infiltration) Edit

The German “Bundeswehr” has the task infiltrating a forested area at the border of Macedonia in order to cut off the supply of Serbian forces.
Satellites pictures have shown that those spread units get themselves ammunition and food through this wild area.
These things are stored in hidden camps and are also used to be the basis for the supply of their remaining troops.
Thus the main attention should be focused on these ones in order to weaken their morals and combat strength.

LOAD_MAPDES_opkbattleofbogovina (OPK Battle of Bogovina) Edit

Making reconnaissance patrols in the region near the village of Bogovina, German troops came accross unexpectedly strong resistance through VSCG troops.
The reconnaissance found that a supply depot was established by VSCG troops nearby an old factory.
German troops immediately start an attack combining strong tank and infantry divisions in order to break through the VSCG lines
and destroy the depot as well as cut off their supply line.
Serbian forces have the task to defend the depot and throw back German aggressors.
A success is extremely important for both sides, as one of them will gain advantages in further fighting.

LOAD_MAPDES_opkharboursabotage (OPK Harbour Sabotage) Edit

An important riverharbor is being used as a secret supply base.
Heavy motorized units are not expected in the area, but large ammounts of ammunition and spare parts.
Heavy resistance is to be expected, further information about the stregth of enemy forces are currently not avaible.

LOAD_MAPDES_opkoutofreach (OPK Out of Reach) Edit

A small village somewhere in the Kosovo...the day after.
German subunits were forced to fall back,
looking for an alternative way through an abandoned village to get back to their master unit,
due to strong resistance through VSCG troops the day before.
Since there is reconnaissance data between "slim" and "none",
German troops are not aware of the trap, that Serbian units have set.
Serbian troops are lying just north of the village, waiting for them to walk into the trap.
The main task of the German subunits is to eliminate the Serbian forces and find their way back to their master unit.
Serbian units try to prevent this from happening and eliminate the German subunits.

LOAD_MAPDES_opkairfieldassault (OPK Airfield Assault) Edit

At night German ECR-Tornados attacked the Serbian air defense of an important air base of the VSCG.
In the early morning hours it is now the task of German paratroops to gain control of the airfield.
Serbian units must hold this airfield by all means.
The air base is of exceptional importance, as it can keep the air sovereignty for large parts of the Kosovos alive.
It is indispensable for both sides!

LOAD_MAPDES_opkbordercontrol (OPK Bordercontrol) Edit

With the successful engagements of last week, KFOR forces were able to drive back the Serbian army.
KFOR has set up a base for further attacks behind the fortified front.
Several forward bases are a tactical necessity for either army such as the railway connection and a freeway.
The enemies engaged in heavy battles including airstrikes in a village near the front.
The Serbian army mustn't lose their strategic airport in any case,
as they'll lose sovereignty over airspace in large parts of Kosovo.

LOADINGSCREEN_MAPDESCRIPTION_opk_blockade_policy (OPK Blockade Policy) Edit

A German RECCE-Tornado captured photos of a normal civil harbor, but with covert Serbian arms operations going on.
The Serbian airfield close by is heavily guarded by heavy arms, so the German army can not use it.
The Bundeswehr decided to start a landing with close air support.
The primary target of the KFOR is to capture the harbor to break the Serbian supply lines.
The KFOR is awaiting heavy enemy fire.
If the VSCG form their troops in a defensive position before the KFOR troops strike,
they might defend the harbor to later resume shipping and receiving supplies.

LOADINGSCREEN_MAPDESCRIPTION_opkredoneleven (OPK Red on eleven) Edit

There some important communication road in this mountains.
The last time there were many attacks on KFOR patrols by serbian forces,
wich had the target to break the supply over these roads.
It has now been ordered to find and disarm those forces.
Its unknown if they are militiamen or regular troops.

LOAD_MAPDES_opkosicjevalley (OPK Osicje Valley) Edit

There were serveral fights between Serbian and German units in the Osicje Valley.
The most important point is a little airfield.
To capture this airfield might make it possible to establish a base of operations for choopers.
Both sides send many armed units in this valley to win this battle!

LOAD_MAPDES_opkvillage (OPK Village) Edit

The last day there were many fights in this small town.
Both KFOR and VSCG try to hold the centre. Because if the city's constrictions its impossible to use heavy arms
and because its still unknown if the complete civil population was evacuated all quarters have to be hardly captured
by house-to-house fighting.


The VSCG has raised many airdefences in this area to avoid aerial reconnaissance and air raids against the airport in the back area.
KFOR must take these air defences down with infantry to gain air superiority back.
KFOR has build an airfield and prepares after arrival of heavy units for the operation wildgoose.


Through intelligence informants, the German HQ in Prizren is alerted that serbian forces plan to install a town
near the Adriatic Sea as a supply base.
The main target is to avoid the therewith possibly linked displacement of local people and to prevent the construction
of the base.
KFOR units will secure the town and wait for reinforcement,
or - if the town is already captured by serbian forces - force the occupier to fallback.
A fix-installed VSCG base with access to the sea in this area would be a big disadvantage for KFOR.
Serbian supplyroutes may be shortened and VSCG wil be strengthened if the operation fails.

LOADINGSCREEN_MAPDESCRIPTION_opk_monastari_zogosiji (OPK Monastari Zogosiji) Edit


VSCG installed a military base in the old monastery, where they coordinate their operations from.
Since this building must not be destroyed, an airstrike is no option for KFOR.
Because of the topology, the use of heavy equipment is very limited.
Therefore it's unlikely that there are serbian tank-formations in the area.
A task force has been arranged that will be deployed by air.
This mission will be done by infantry forces primarily.
KFOR hast to capture the cloister and to disengage the transmitter.

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