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On the 26th February 1991, the US Army's 2nd Amored Cavalry Regiment (2nd ACR) raced east into Iraqi
from Saudi Arabia as part of Operation Desert Sabre.
Their goals were to cut off the Iraqi retreat from Kuwait and to destroy five Iraqi divisions near the Iraqi-Kuwait border.
||By 16:22, the 2nd ACR's Eagle Troop reached 70 Easting knocking out eight Iraqi T-72s.
Ahead, they could see the Iraqi Brigade Assembly Area containing heavy armour,
support vehicles and armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFVs).
Rather than wait for heavier units to catch up and risk losing the element of surprise,
the 2nd ACR raced onwards and approached 73 Easting where the battle raged.

Description_ohs () Edit

As the US Armored divisions push north into Iraq they have encountered a stiff line of resistance.
Between their bases and the Iraqi battle line there is an immense desert which their tanks must cross in the face
of enemy tactical bombers and entrenched Iraqi T72's.
Fortunatly the US also have a full complement of airpower to help neutralize the defending Iraqi's defensive advantage.

Description_uqd () Edit

During the early hours of the war forces from both the Iraqi and US armies are pouring into this important dock.
The Iraqi Army must secure the docks to launch attacks on US naval ships in the area,
and the US Army wants to secure a landing zone for masses of naval based troops.
Both sides are attacking with heavily mechanized infantry divisions,
because the area is far too cluttered for jets or heavy tanks.

Description_rod () Edit

With the war over halfway over, American forces notice a massive presence of Iraqis fleeing northward.
In an attempt to secure the vital lifeline, Iraqi troops push forward at the same time
as Americans trying to cut off the bulk of Saddam's retreating forces.

Description_bo () Edit

As the Iraqi forces make their hasty retreat from Kuwait, a delaying force has been left behind to defend against the Americans.
US Army troops arrive, to find the oilfields burning, and a formidable defense in place.

Description_bs () Edit

The Iraqi Army has been caught off guard, with only hasty defenses set up around a downed Blackhawk helicopter.
In a bold effort to suprise the Iraqi forces, a lightly equipped US Army taskforce is preparing to capture two important entrances
to the city and then move inward and capture the vital intersection allowing heavier forces to move in and stabilize the situation.

Description_ado () Edit

American troops close in on the famous Ad Dawrah Oilfields and prepare to secure the area.
A large Iraqi strike force is also nearby, preparing to secure the large storage and processing plant.
Fire ensues as both sides attempt to control this strongpoint and railroad line.

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