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Sorry, but the linked pages are written in Japanese.

Everything is OK!!
(Example: Vincent van Gogh?, Pikachu?, Dragon Ball?, Chargeman Ken!?, Ice Cream?, Mister Donut?, etc.)

Make Any Kind of Page Which You Like!!
But just do not violate the terms of use?.
Also it is prohibited to post personal information so be aware!

If you are new to us, please dont forget to check both the beginner guide and Notices to Create a Page.

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What should I do in this wiki?

This is a Wiki that everyone can enjoy by creating various articles and increasing the number of pages.
In addition on writing articles, there are bulletin boards for free chatting, minigames?, Random Facilities?, etc.. anyways, Enjoy our Wiki!

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We call named users an "Registered User", but actually most of them arent registered on wikiwiki and they just have an user page on here. confusing, huh?
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Pages below this are in Japanese sorry.

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About copyright, portrait rights and defamation

This wiki complies with Japanese law.

About portrait rights

Portrait rights can be taken without permission from others
It is a law that can be claimed not to be published or used without permission.
The act of pasting an image showing a person's face is an infringement of portrait rights.
Do not paste images that show people's faces without permission.

About copyright and trademark rights

The use of a work is the right of the person (author) who created it.
You will not be sued for using images from anime or games,
Unauthorized use or alteration of the logo mark image of a store or company will infringe the trademark right, which is an industrial property right, in the worst case.
You'll rarely be sued if you don't stand out, but don't edit anything that could damage your reputation.
Ah- dont forget to pay respect and to thank the creator!

About slander and defamation

'The bulletin board of ○○ is dangerous.' '○○ is a criminal.'
Writing such as those is an act of obstructing the operation or business or defamation of them.
Unlike the unauthorized reproduction of images, these acts will definitely be sued, so please do not do it.

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