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2021/01/09(Sat): Discussion (online)

  • Watching "Detroit: become human", I thought about a membership problem pf consciousness.
    Research Talk S. Nozawa ( @melonsode )

2021/01/29(Fri): Journal Club (online)

  • Patient mortality after surgery on the surgeon’s birthday: observational study.
    Kato, H., Jena, A. B., & Tsugawa, Y.
    bmj, 371. (2020)
    [Full text]
  • COVID-19-related stress and anxiety are associated with negative body image in adults from the United Kingdom.
    Swami, V., Horne, G., & Furnham, A.
    Personality and individual differences, 170, 110426. (2021)
    [Full text]
  • Tune to touch: Affective touch enhances learning of face identity in 4-month-old infants.
    Della Longa, L., Gliga, T., & Farroni, T.
    Developmental cognitive neuroscience, 35, 42-46. (2019)
    Report T. Takano

2021/02/17(Wed): Journal Club (online)

  • Revisiting the global workspace orchestrating the hierarchical organization of the human brain
    Deco, G., Vidaurre, D., & Kringelbach, M. L.
    Nature Human Behaviour, 1-15. (2021)
    [Full text]
    Report K. Omata

2021/02/27(Sat): Research Talk (online)

  • Cutting and Struggling
    Research Talk T. Ishikawa

2021/03/05(Sat): Research Talk (online)

  • Limits of game theory and monetary reward.
    Research Talk K. Mogi

2021/03/14(Sun): Research Talk (online)

  • What is a relation?
    Research Talk Yoshinori

2021/03/18(Thu): Research Talk (online)

  • Consciousness & Algorithm
    Research Talk Hataoka

2021/03/26(Fri): Journal Club (online)

  • Distinct roles of dorsal and ventral subthalamic neurons in action selection and cancellation.
    Mosher, C. P., Mamelak, A. N., Malekmohammadi, M., Pouratian, N., & Rutishauser, U.
    Neuron., 1-15. (2021)
    [Full text]
    Report S. Nozawa

2021/04/02(Fri): Progress Report (online)

  • Towards a neuroscience of emotional labors.
    Report A. Onzo

2021/04/09(Fri): Progress Report (online)

  • How can we make the AGI?
    Report Okajima

2021/04/13(Fri): Progress Report (online)

  • A quantitative research on why people choose to listen to sad music & exploring nationality differences (Japanese, German, and British)
    Report Maejima
  • The paradox of music-evoked sadness: An online survey.
    Taruffi, L., & Koelsch, S.
    PloS one, 9(10), e110490. (2014)
    [Full text]
    Report R. Maejima

2021/04/21(Wed): Special Talk (online)

  • Do fish dream of electric sheep? Do fish feel pain?
    Special Talk F. Taya

2021/04/30(Wed): Research Talk (online)

  • Possibilities of acupuncture therapy in mental health
    Research Talk Iijima

2021/05/07(Fri): Journal Club (online)

  • “That is bloody revolting!” Inhibitory control of thoughts better left unsaid.
    von Hippel, W., & Gonsalkorale, K.
    Psychological Science, 16(7), 497-500. (2005)
    [Full text]
    Report T. Takano

2021/05/13(Thu): Research Talk (online)

  • About gap problem.
    Research Talk Yoshinori

2021/05/21(Fri): Journal Club (online)

  • Wireless multilateral devices for optogenetic studies of individual and social behaviors
    Yang, Y., Wu, M., Vázquez-Guardado, A. et al.
    Nat Neurosci, (2021)
    Report K. Omata

2021/05/27(Thu): Progress Report (online)

  • Merits and demerits of "BUKIYO"
    Report Okajima

2021/06/03(Thu): Research Talk (online)

  • Hypnotherapy
    Research Talk Hataoka
  • Hypnotic visual illusion alters color processing in the brain.
    Kosslyn, S. M., Thompson, W. L., Costantini-Ferrando, M. F., Alpert, N. M., & Spiegel, D.
    American Journal of Psychiatry, 157(8), 1279-1284. (2020)
    [Full text]
    Report Hataoka

2021/06/10(Thu): Research Talk (online)

  • Colorful aspects of color perception
    Research Talk T. Ishikawa
  • Plant scientists' research attention is skewed towards colourful, conspicuous and broadly distributed flowers.
    Adamo M, Chialva M, Calevo J, Bertoni F, Dixon K, Mammola S.
    Nat Plants., 7(5):574-578. (2021)
    [Full text]
    Report T. Ishikawa

2021/06/17(Thu): Research Talk (online)

  • Value
    Research Talk K. Mogi

2021/06/25(Fri): Research Talk (online)

  • Human development
    Research Talk A. Onzo
  • Heightened emotional contagion in mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease is associated with temporal lobe degeneration.
    Sturm, V. E., Yokoyama, J. S., Seeley, W. W., Kramer, J. H., Miller, B. L., & Rankin, K. P.
    PNAS, 110(24), 9944-9949. (2013)
    [Full text]
    Report A. Onzo
  • Detection of Wandering Behaviors Using a Body-Worn Inertial Sensor in Patients With Cognitive Impairment: A Feasibility Study.
    Kamil, Rebecca J., et al.
    Frontiers in Neurology, 12, 148. (2021)
    [Full text]
    Report A. Onzo
  • Spatial Disorientation in Alzheimer's Disease: The Missing Path From Virtual Reality to Real World.
    Puthusseryppady, V., Emrich-Mills, L., Lowry, E., Patel, M., & Hornberger, M.
    Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience, 12 (2020)
    [Full text]
    Report A. Onzo

2021/07/08(Thu): Research Talk (online)

  • The transition and the future of "democracy"
    Research Talk Richard

2021/07/13(Tue): Journal Club (online)

  • Sleep Loss Can Cause Death through Accumulation of Reactive Oxygen Species in the Gut
    Vaccaro, A., Dor, Y. K., Nambara, K., Pollina, E. A., Lin, C., Greenberg, M. E., & Rogulja, D.
    Cell, 181(6), 1307-1328. (2020)
    [Full Text]
    Report S. Nozawa

2021/07/22(Thu): Guest Talk (online)

  • Shota Sawada, a PhD student at the Graduate University of Tsukuba, gave a presentation about his background and study.

2021/08/10(Tue): Journal Club (online)

  • Gamma frequency entrainment attenuates amyloid load and modifies microglia.
    Iaccarino, Hannah F., et al.
    Nature, 540(7632), 230-235. (2016)
    [Full Text]
    Report R. Maejima

2021/08/18(Wed): Journal Club (online)

  • Acupuncture attenuates alcohol dependence through activation of endorphinergic input to the nucleus accumbens from the arcuate nucleus.
    Chang, Suchan, et al.
    Science advances, 5(9), eaax1342. (2019)
    [Full Text]
    Report Iijima

2021/09/01(Wed): Research Talk (online)

  • On the Origin of Species.
    Research Talk Nakajima

2021/09/10(Fri): Journal Club (online)

  • Social mindfulness and prosociality vary across the globe.
    Van Doesum, Niels J., et al.
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 118(35). (2021)
    [Full Text]
    Report T. Takano

2021/09/25(Sat): Journal Club (online)

  • The bystander effect in rats.
    Havlik, John L., et al.
    Science advances, 6.28 (2020): eabb4205.
    [Full Text]
    Report K. Omata

2021/09/29(Wed): Journal Club (online)

  • Effects of strength training and detraining on muscle quality: age and gender comparisons.
    Ivey, F. M., et al.
    The Journals of Gerontology Series A: Biological Sciences and Medical Sciences, 55.3 (2000): B152-B157.
    [Full Text]
    Report Hataoka

2021/10/14(Thu): Progress Report (online)

  • Prediction of the treatment effects of biologic drug on atopic dermatitis.
    Report T. Ishikawa

2021/10/26(Tue): Journal Club (online)

  • Anisotropic Cosmological Model in a Modified Theory of Gravitation
    Tiwari, R. K., Beesham, A., Mishra, S., & Dubey, V.
    Universe, 7(7), 226. (2021)
    [Full Text]
    Report Okajima

2021/11/2(Tue): Research Talk (online)

  • Sleep and Memory
    Research Talk K. Mogi
  • Brain neural patterns and the memory function of sleep
    Girardeau G, Lopes-Dos-Santos V.
    Science, 374(6567):560-564. (2021)
    Report K. Mogi

2021/11/10(Wed): Research Talk (online)

  • Comparison of consensus algorithm
    Research Talk Richard

2021/12/10(Fri): Progress Report (online)

  • Musicality: Communicating the vitality and interests of life.
    Malloch, S., & Trevarthen, C.
    Communicative musicality: Exploring the basis of human companionship, 1, 1-10.(2009).
    [Full Text]
  • The choreography of human attraction: physiological synchrony in a blind date setting.
    Prochazkova, E., Sjak-Shie, E. E., Behrens, F., Lindh, D., & Kret, M. E.
    BioRxiv, 748707. (2019).
    [Full Text]
    Report A. Onzo